It looks like Disney's live-action remake of The Lion King is already breaking records long before it's set to hit the big screen.

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Disney released the official trailer for the highly anticipated film on Thursday, replicating the original movie's trailer shot-for-shot and kicking us all right in the feels.

Within the first 24 hours the trailer accumulated an astounding 224.6 million views globally, making it Disney's most-watched trailer in a day.

Spanning across all of the studios, The Lion King falls second only to Avengers: Infinity War which raked in 238 million views.

James Earl Jones, who was the voice of Mufasa in the original cartoon film, will be reprising his role in the live-action remake.

Joining him in the upcoming film is the multi-talented actor and rapper Donald Glover, who will be playing Simba, and the queen herself, Beyoncé, who will be playing Nala.

Additionally, notable names like John Oliver (who was cast as Zazu) and Billy Eichner (who was cast as Timon) will be joining them for the upcoming film.

Check out the full cast below!

The new Lion King opens July 19, 2019, and we seriously can’t wait to see how this movie brings these beloved characters to life.

The reimagining of The Lion King follows the recent success of Disney’s live-action movies, including TarzanMaleficentCinderella, and the upcoming Beauty And The Beast.

Watch the teaser trailer for the Lion King below!

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