Trapt are previewing some new songs amid controversy started through their social media accounts while also claiming a festival is cancelling their appearance over political beliefs last week.

In a new post on their social accounts, the band reveal a snippet from their new single “Tell Me How You Really Feel“ off their upcoming record Shadow Work.

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The band's new song is set to arrive on May 15 while the songs “Make It Out Alive” and “Far Enough Away” are arriving alongside pre-orders for the album.

"New song clip! “Tell Me How You Really Feel” from our new album “Shadow Work!” Communication can be tricky sometimes.

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Elsewhere, the band are still rallying against so-called leftists over claims of being removed from a festival lineup over their political commentary.

Trapt vocalist Chris Taylor Brown has been very outspoken about supporting President Donald Trump on their official band accounts.

That has led to an ongoing commentary amongst the metal and hardcore community particularly as the band have gotten into Twitter fights with countless musicians.

Now, they say the Afterlife Music Hall attempted to remove the band from a festival lineup in Lombard, Illinois.

According to the post, the band were set to perform with Puddle Of Mudd's Muddfest along with several other bands.

Brown is saying they also had a show in the area cancelled last year relating to a post made discussing politics.

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"I want everyone to see a perfect example of the intolerant left with this show cancellation and to see how FB is actively censoring me!!! Another example of the intolerant left and their social media sites and search engines against the right! Share this post!

So we had a Muddfest Date scheduled for Sat Sept 5, VERY close to the same suburb of liberal AF Chicago called Berwyn. Berwyn was the ONLY show to cancel Trapt for last year’s Sept tour for my opinion on that woman who said “some people did something” that I made known last Sept 11 here on FB.

I will fight this #cancelculture assault on 1st amendment rights with EVERYTHING I got! Here is the venue trying to cancel Trapt, who is main support to Puddle Of Mudd with Fuel and Tantric also on the bill."

The post continues by saying some of the people in Illinois are "just too intolerant to respect FREE SPEECH" and calling the promoters "obviously liberal AF."

"As long as people like you exist, I will be DOUBLING DOWN on my support for said “deplorables,” in the face of so much left liberal hatred of their opinions and way of life! White people don’t have to feel guilty for existing Jon! Fuck you!" 

You can see the full post below.

What do you think of Trapt's claim their festival appearance was cancelled over their political beliefs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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