Trapt has been hit with another parody this week, this time in the form of a poorly designed tour poster.

A parody Twitter account surfaced recently amid a string of Twitter-beefs that Trapt’s official account engaged in. In the span of just a few days, Trapt had spats with Captain America’s Chris Evans, Chris Fronzak of Attila, Tilian Pearson of Dance Gavin Dance, Telle Smith of the Word Alive, I Prevail, and Silent Planet

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The beef first started after Evans called out President Trump for his handling of the coronavirus. Trapt’s official account tweeted that Trump’s actions are the only reason the pandemic isn’t worse. 

The argument-by-tweet then turned into a spat of who was more relevant and who made more money. In the end, Fronzak tweeted how “amazing” it was to see Trapt get “bodied by Warped Tour Twitter.” 

Then, fans and bands saw a tweet from the Trapt parody account saying that the posers would not be able to play their iconic hit, “Headstrong.” The tweet also said the band itself couldn't play the song since they have not “played a real guitar on stage since George W Bush was [president].”

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This new parody poster features Trapt and three of the bands who were involved in the Twitter beef—I Prevail, Silent Planet and the Word Alive—as supporting acts. At present, it is unclear who originally made the poster as it makes the rounds on Twitter. 

The poster also lists the number of listeners for each band beneath their names. Trapt is listed as having 2.4 million listeners, a call back to the band’s tweet on March 18 where they tried to use their monthly listens as clout. 

The poster has an American flag background, an eagle flying on top of a canon and a tank with the Trump-Pence logo. There is also a list of sponsors including Trump-Pence and businesses such as Walmart, Carl’s Jr and Keystone Light

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Each of the bands listed on the poster were tagged in the post. The hashtags headstrong, I’ll take you on, and I’ll take on anyone were also used. Check it out below.

The tweet got a lot of praise from Twitter users. One user said the poster was “fucking incredible,” while another said that the person who made it was a “fucking genius.” 

Another user said that the “most inaccurate” part of the poster was that the band would do a tour without any days off. This got a response from another Twitter user. 

“They’re always headstrong to take on anyone, that means no days off.” 

Do you think the poster was in poor taste or just the laugh we need on April Fool’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.