Travis Barker The Masked Singer
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We finally know if Travis Barker was Giraffe on ‘The Masked Singer’

Season 4 of The Masked Singer is underway after facing various coronavirus pandemic delays. Earlier on into the season, some of the judges were convinced that Giraffe is blink-182‘s Travis Barker.

Now, we finally know if the drummer and producer was actually the one behind the mask.

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This isn’t the first time judges have believed Barker was behind one of the masks on The Masked Singer. Earlier this year, a theory emerged that Barker was the person behind Elephant in season 3. In the end, the man behind the mask ended up being Tony Hawk.

Now, some are convinced that Barker is finally on The Masked Singer and is actually Giraffe. Various clues about Giraffe have been shared so far that fans and judges believe relate back to the blink-182 drummer.

  • He has had a roller-coaster career full of ups and downs
  • He says music in his blood and he took risks and emphasized the word “knots”
  • Giraffe had a crash and burn led him to swing higher and we saw a sign reading $3
  • He said he “drummed up” towering success and he’s now in the driver’s seat
  • He’s “survived and thrived in the animal kingdom by seeing the big picture”
  • Giraffe’s says his “life was transformed in a blink of an eye”
  • He’s at “a crossroads,” but the one thing that keeps him going is his “herd”

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Early on, both judges and fans theorized Giraffe may also be Limp Bizkit‘s Fred Durst, Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda and even rapper Vanilla Ice. Judge Jenny McCarthy’s first guess, however, was Barker.

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The Masked Singer‘s Twitter even hinted that Giraffe may really be the blink-182 drummer.

Judge Robin Thicke was also convinced that Barker was the man behind the Giraffe mask.

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Giraffe was ultimately eliminated during this week’s episode. In the end, the judges guessed that the man behind the mask was Shia LaBeouf, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Seth Green, Jason Priestley or, of course, Barker.

Despite all of their clues and research, none of the judges were correct. The man behind Giraffe was actually former teenage heartthrob and 90210 actor Brian Austin Green.

Did you think Giraffe was Travis Barker on The Masked Singer? Let us know in the comments below.