It has been approximately three days since the world was introduced to Ned. After surprise-dropping the “Chlorine” music video, twenty one pilots fans wasted no time obsessing over the band’s latest character.

In fact, someone on Reddit found out who created the weird little creature. While Ned was apparently a massive undertaking, two members of the team shared their personal experiences working with the 3D VFX and physical stand-in mold. To make matters even cooler, the two seem to be wholesomely proud of their product.

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At first, Timothy Bahrij was the only one working on the 3-D VFX Ned. According to Bahrij, he had been working on Ned since mid-December. In a series of behind-the-scenes photos he published to Facebook, Bahrij shares the beat-up stand-in mold that twenty one pilots used for the day of shooting.

Additionally, Joe Lancaster, who worked on the video aspect of “Chlorine,” also took to Facebook to share his stake in the process as well as fan art of Ned.

“So the new music video I worked on for twenty one pilots and Hype Republic dropped about 24 hours ago. In that time it amassed over 2.5 million views, got to #5 trending in the US, and #2 in the UK, which is fuckin wild enough,” Lancaster says in a Facebook post.

“But then something bizarre happened. #Ned (design by Ben Bartels and 3D creation by Timothy Bahrij) become something of an icon, and now there is fan art and memes and accounts everywhere and what is going on.”

Clearly, Lancaster wasn’t already a part of the Clique. Otherwise, he definitely would have seen this coming.

You can watch Ned in action in the “Chlorine” music video below.

In other twenty one pilots news, Clancy has made a return with a new, cryptic letter. The letter had apparently dropped right before the “Chlorine” music video was released, as it gave clues to what we saw. Additionally, Clancy apparently edited the latest twenty one pilots letter.

What do you think of the creators’ responses to Ned and “Chlorine?” Sound off in the comments below.

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