The great Nickelback debate has reached an entirely new level, and that level is Congress. It looks like the Democrats and Republicans have found yet another hot topic to disagree on which turned a bill debate into an argument over the insanely successful band everyone loves to hate.

Watch the hilarious debate, below!

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On Thursday, March 7 Congress met to debate the Democrats' H.R. 1 bill which would overhaul voting, campaign finance, and ethics law.

Of course, Congress was divided... but not on the bill.

Democratic Representative Mark Pocan mentions that only four out of 77,000 people wanted a particular voting rights provision, comparing it to “probably about the percent of people who think Nickelback is their favorite band in this country.”


Republican Rep. Rodney Davis was not about to sit there silently while Pocan subjected the band to slander, asking why Pocan would “criticize one of the greatest bands of the 90s."

Pocan was quick to make a joke, stating “One more reason why there’s a difference between Democrats and Republicans."

Davis then used his time on the floor to defend the group for another 40 seconds.

“I know he did not mean to offend the many thousands upon thousands of Nickelback fans in his district in Wisconsin,” Davis explains. “And yes, I actually do have a Nickelback song on my running playlist that I listen to on a regular basis. I was ridiculed [for] that when I posted my playlist one time, and I know some in this chamber, even up at the dais, are still laughing about that.”


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