When Steve Blackman signed on to be the showrunner for The Umbrella Academy, he knew he wasn't going to do the obvious. Because really, there's absolutely nothing obvious about Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba's acclaimed graphic novel coming to life. Altpress editor in chief Paige Owens chat up Blackman for our new issue, which is loaded with interviews from cast members and people behind the scenes. We thought we'd share some of that insight in this video interview.

Blackman discussed his vision for the Hargreeves Family. (Think more Wes Anderson and less Edward Gorey.) Of course, all of the Hargreeves kids have been through the wringer in their roles as bellhops and porters for their father's emotional baggage. But Blackman doesn't see these things as massive character flaws. In his eyes, it's the fuel of both familial love and legendary adventure.

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Blackman is well-aware of the passionate fandom that The Umbrella Academy has fostered. He also knows how important the idea of superhero mythology is to succeeding generations of viewers. He tells Owens what elements of the show 15-year-old Steve would embrace heartily and how those archetypes refract the daily realities of life. But this is TUA we're talking about. And there's one character from the comic Blackman insisted upon having in the show this season. And it's not someone you see on a trip to the supermarket.

It's approximately 94 days until Halloween. Which means you'll have plenty of time to binge-watch the second season of The Umbrella Academy for costume ideas. The world needs heroes now more than ever—and this show has seven of them. The premiere is July 31 and the action is streaming from Netflix. Oh, and by the way: Did you feed the fish today?