"May you live in interesting times." Man, whoever came up with that maudlin but effective curse was a genius. Here in 2020, we've got social unrest and a pandemic a lot of rubes think is over. Everyone is in a hurry. We don't have time to wait in lines or traffic and needlessly crave instant gratification. And when we don't get it, look out, Loretta. It's safe to say the world needs an escape from reality. Why look, it's the new APTV video!

The music video has proven to be the sure-fire method for rock music to propel us to the next tier of fantasy. Videos help us forget our own bullshit and escape from reality for three to four perfect-pop minutes at a time. (Which like we stated above, is all we have time for.) Our selection of clips would make for some great getaways or at the very least, a kickass virtual background on a Zoom call.

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So only a scant few can afford trashing expensive vinyl records and sweet-looking guitars. Most of us could only dream of a job accompanying our favorite bands for a day. But what about the once easily gratifying moments? Hanging out with our buds and their pets closer than six feet away? Nah, dude. And really, is there a waterpark owner in this country tempting fate by staying open? (The upside is that now these places are making a comeback.)

We certainly need to give ourselves a break. Not that we're saying all the scenarios mentioned in this video are the ultimate escape from reality. But the first person who perfects virtual reality to the point where you are actually thinking you're in Posty's ride? That's a billionaire in the making.