Monday, November 11, 2019


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ice nine killsvideo

Ice Nine Kills discuss their onstage attire’s horror movie motifs

Ice Nine Kills are killing it in the metalcore scene with their cinematic take on the genre, but they're also well-known for their intense love of horror movies. The...
Sleep On Itvideo

Sleep On It challenge AltPress in Emo trivia featuring FOB, MCR, more

Sleep On It were in Cleveland recently touring with cool rockin' Brits Don Broco and stopped by the AP office to chill out. We're not sure how...

Punk! Star Wars! Not Punk! Ultra Q give us their Top 5

There's only five songs on the debut EP from Oakland, California spiky-rock ensemble Ultra Q, but it's all about the quality before the quantity. On tour in...
saves the day through being cool it chapter two james ransonevideo

Saves The Day explain how ‘It Chapter Two’ ties to ‘Through Being Cool’

The world may end before a lyric is written that is more perfectly emo than “My ribs have parted ways/Saying we're not going to protect this heart...
doll skin aptvvideo

Doll Skin talk feminism, Nazi-punching and recycling

Doll Skin are as ferocious as they are fun. Their latest record, Love Is Dead And We Killed Her, proves that they're a band ready to command...

Sleep On It on ‘Star Wars’ fan theories, shocking Fall Out Boy-related confession

Sleep On It are set to take over the world with their upcoming sophomore LP, Pride & Disaster, but why have the world when you can have...
the faimvideo

The Faim discover Garth Brooks, share Andy Black stories and “munk”

Fresh off of Andy Black's The Ghost Of North America tour, Australia's The Faim are ready for complete world domination and poised to be your next favorite...

Sleep On It didn’t hit snooze on classic pop-punk lyrics

Sleep On It are a major part of pop-punk's future, so we decided to see how knowledgeable they are with pop-punk's legacy. We put Sleep On It to...
hail the sunvideo

Hail The Sun react to hilarious face swaps, memorable Instagram posts

Donovan Melero has a memory like a steel trap. The Hail The Sun frontman and drummer can recall frighteningly accurate details for nearly every show they've ever...
best emo lyricsvideo

The Used, Dashboard Confessional and more emo lyrics that broke hearts

When this style of music was first coming out, “emo” was saddled with a handful of negative connotations. It was generally looked down upon by the mainstream...

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