If you're going to break the record for World's Largest Ouija Board, you might as well go for it during spooky season. Making its debut in Salem, Massachusetts, "OuijaZilla" clocks in at 9,000 pounds and 3,168 square feet.

That's a whole lot of spooky.

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Rick “Ormortis” Schreck, Vice President of the Talking Board Historical Society and New Jersey-based tattoo artist, began constructing the massive spirit board in June of last year.

Made using 99 sheets of plywood, OuijaZilla is two and a half times larger than the previous world-record-holding board.

The massive board was unveiled Oct. 12 in Salem Common where Ripley's dubbed it the World's Largest Ouija Board.

Those behind the construction of OuijaZilla state, “The finished board is longer than a brontosaurus, weighs more than a six-ton elephant, and is large enough to park five eighteen-wheelers on it!“

You can check out some photos of the board below.

For more info and background on OuijaZilla, check out Ripley's website.

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