YUNGBLUD teamed up with Beats by Dre in the UK to create a mini-documentary focusing on his experiences while on tour.

Last week, the singer dropped a heartfelt short film lonely together, where he expressed struggles of finding himself and living in a society where not everyone is accepted.

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Surrounded in a circle by a few more underrated youth, they share their own experiences with self-acceptance.

“I really genuinely think YUNGBLUD was created because I was sick of people telling me what to do,” he says in the video. “I moved to London with the hope of going to art school."

Despite his efforts, things stayed the same.

"I think part of me thought they were going to treat me better. I thought I’d go to London and find myself, but it became worse.”

Check out the powerful short film below.

Now, he's giving fans a look at what his life is like on tour in a mini-documentary produced by Beats.

"All I wanted to do was build a place for people," YUNGBLUD says in the video. "They could listen to music wherever they are and feel like they have a place to go. If everyone else has kicked them out."


Last month, the musician’s track with Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds, “original me,” was the latest to be boosted through Vevo’s LIFT initiative to showcase young artists.

The song was originally released back in October and later received an official music video.

“This song is about accepting the parts of yourself that you hate and realizing your biggest superpower is to be originally, authentically yourself,” the singer says in a press release.

He later released a live recording with Vevo where he says he was free to express ideas he hadn't previously thought of.

“They gave me a chance to run down an avenue of creativity, exploring deeper meanings and hidden messages within the songs that might not necessarily have been apparent to me as I was writing them,” the musician says in a statement.

“[Vevo] gave me an opportunity to look into my subconscious and pull apart elements of myself, my fanbase and my life that I didn’t even know existed yet. They were so amazing to work with and I really learned a lot. I won’t forget this opportunity for the rest of my career. Thank you Vevo. I hope you all love what we created.”

You can check out the video here.

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