It's been nearly three months since fans last heard new music from YUNGBLUD. Now, after two weeks of built-up anticipation, his explosive new single “Strawberry Lipstick” is finally here.

The new single is off of his forthcoming sophomore album that is due out later this year.

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We last heard new music from YUNGBLUD earlier this spring. His single "Weird!" was released back in April and offered a glimpse into what fans can expect from his forthcoming album.

Then, on July 1, YUNGBLUD began teasing something on social media. The multi-talented artist posted a peculiar tweet telling fans to watch out for an announcement on July 7. He also incorporated emojis of black hearts, a lipstick and a strawberry.

"See you July 7th. Tell ya mates. Goodnight till then. Look after each other. I love you," he tweets.

A week later, he released a video teaser on the two-year anniversary of his debut album 21st Century Liability. The video shows YUNGBLUD lighting his clothes from the album cover on fire while wearing a dress strikingly similar to the iconic one worn by Spice Girls' Geri Halliwell.

Finally, on July 7, he announced that his new single “Strawberry Lipstick” is on its way. The single's artwork includes his signature pink socks and the Union Jack dress he wore in the video teaser.

Now, after much anticipation, the explosive “Strawberry Lipstick” is finally here. The modern-day love song opens up with YUNGBLUD's proclamation, “This is a song about a person I love.”

The upbeat single features glam-rock influences alongside YUNGBLUD's distinctive snarling vocals and charismatic energy. As well, the single's lyrics greatly spotlight YUNGBLUD's androgynous style.

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Released via Locomotion and Interscope Records, “Strawberry Lipstick” is co-produced by YUNGBLUD and his longtime collaborators Chris Greatti (Poppy, Grimes) and Zakk Cervini (Bishop Briggs, Machine Gun Kelly).

The single’s new video arrives at noon EST here. YUNGBLUD previously teased that L.A.-based singer/songwriter Jesse Jo Stark appears in the new video.

As well, he also shared a clip of the forthcoming video on Wednesday. The teaser shows YUNGBLUD in a boxing ring, jamming out with his band and, of course, loads of strawberries. So, it is inevitably clear that the single's video is bound to be as entertaining as the song itself.

"Strawberry Lipstick" is off of his forthcoming sophomore album that is due out later this year. The new release follows up YUNGBLUD's debut full-length album 21st Century Liability that was released in 2018. In 2019, he released his hope for the underrated youth EP which debuted in the top 10 on the U.K. Official Albums chart.

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Over the past few years, YUNGBLUD has collaborated with various artists including blackbear, MGK, Halsey, blink-182's Travis Barker and Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds. "I Think I'm OKAY," his collab with MGK and Barker, was recently certified platinum in the U.S. after it surpassed 1 million sales.

YUNGBLUD recently performed an unreleased song, “The Emperor,” and announced his second graphic novel, Twisted Tales Of The Ritalin Club 2: Weird Times At Quarry Banks University. Preorders are available here.

YUNGBLUD's new single "Strawberry Lipstick" is available to stream here and below.

UPDATE: JULY 16, 2020, 12:00 P.M. ET

Earlier on Thursday, YUNGBLUD released his new song “Strawberry Lipstick.” Now, he’s continuing to celebrate the single's release with an outrageous new video. Directed by Christian Breslauer, the "Strawberry Lipstick" music video stars YUNGBLUD, his band and L.A.-based singer/songwriter Jesse Jo Stark.

In the video, viewers witness YUNGBLUD involved in various outlandish scenarios. From fighting in a boxing ring to lounging in a bathtub full of strawberries, no situations were off-limits for this new video. Of course, YUNGBLUD takes part in these bizarre moments all while wearing his custom Union Jack dress from Michael Schmidt Studios and showing off his charismatic personality.

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The “Strawberry Lipstick” video's style is clearly inspired by British punk, a genre the Yorkshire-born artist has been greatly influenced by. From his wild liberty spikes hairstyle to the chunky jewelry and stark eyeliner, it’s clear that England's musical past continues to impact YUNGBLUD today. He even gives a cheeky little nod to the Queen of England at the end of the video.

Check out the new video and song lyrics below.

YUNGBLUD “Strawberry Lipstick” lyrics

This is a song about a person I love

I've got a toxic attitude and lack self-control
I raised that ugly fucked up individual
Need you to cleanse my sins so I can go to school
They're gonna lock me in the closet, but I'm coming out
Saying fuck all the oppression and the self-doubt
I'm gonna bite all of your fingers, put 'em in my mouth
I'm on my knees

So take it easy, take it easy, take it easy, girl
Take it easy, take it easy on me
I know you're so hard to please
Just take it easy, take it easy on me

She got my heart in her hands like a headlock
I can't see straight, ten seconds past five o'clock
I don't know what she's doing, but she'll do me wrong
She's such a tease
She holds all the p-p-power in her fingertips
She's gonna suck on my strawberry lipstick
She's gonna taste my body with her fingertips
I cannot breathe
I can't breathe

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So take it easy, take it easy, take it easy, girl
Take it easy, take it easy on me
I know you're so hard to please
Just take it easy, take it easy on me
Take it easy on me
Oh, take it

You can have it all
If you don't take my heart
You can have it all
If you, you take it easy, take it easy on me
You take it easy, take it easy on me
You take it easy, take it easy on me
You take it easy, take it easy on me

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