Formerly of the deathcore band Winds Of Plague, Alaena (previously known as Alana Potocnik) has transformed her solo career into a dark-pop wonderland. Equipped with a visually stunning concept and her debut EP in the works, she will transport you right into her fantasy. Alaena has teamed up with AltPress to release her neon-spattered “Holy Mess” featuring CRSNT.

Alaena made her debut as a solo artist in 2016 upon her departure from Winds Of Plague with her premiere single “Bad.” Following the release, she has worked to bring life to her artistic persona and has built a dedicated fanbase known as the ATEAM.

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“The song ‘Holy Mess’ is an anthem for the youth who feel like they are constantly being judged, ridiculed and bossed around by the older generations,” Alaena explains. “I strongly feel like we have so much to accomplish. We want big changes, and that can get messy, but who gives a damn? Nothing powerful comes without a storm. The disapproval of our elders shouldn’t matter. In the end, they won’t be the ones here to dictate what happens during our lifetime. It made so much sense to team up with the young, up-and-coming artist CRSNT, who is only 16. He had a song blow up on SoundCloud, and it makes total sense because this kid is hella talented. After being raised in a studio and being surrounded by music his whole young life, he is only 16, [and] he draws inspirations ranging from Billie Eilish to Virtual Riot.”

“Holy Mess” marks Alaena’s first official artist collaboration, with CRSNT, aka Julian Hott, lending his producer and audio engineering skills.

“The crazy talented [CRSNT] really knew exactly what my brain wanted to create,” Alaena wrote in an Instagram post. “As well as a very long overdue creative project with my best friends since elementary school. We filmed this video in the attic I grew up I, we grew up in. Where the Alaena (Alana) you see today was molded. I wanted you guys to be a part of that even if you just know it existed. I hope you guys love it.”

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In the video, Alaena dons an elaborate crown and creates a mystifying playground filled with pastel butterflies and flower-covered swings. However, it becomes clear by the end of the video that despite the stylish approach to the music and visual elements, “Holy Mess” is a stiff middle finger to anyone who has ever doubted her. 

Check out the “Holy Mess” music video below. You can follow Alaena and become a part of the ATEAM here and listen to more singles here.