Since its inception in 2005 (Yes, you’re that old!), YouTube has grown into the world’s foremost video-sharing authority and has helped skyrocket the long-term careers of hundreds of creators around the globe.

With over a billion users visiting monthly, finding new channels can be daunting if you don’t know what to search. Luckily, we’re here to list some YouTubers who should be included in your next binge-watching session.

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1. Ten Second Songs

Anthony Vincent, better known by his channel name Ten Second Songs, first joined YouTube in 2014. In just under five years, he quickly became an internet sensation. Vincent is recognized for his “20 Style Covers” series where he sings popular songs in various music genres, usually related to metal. In addition to covers, the talented vocalist also has his own original music as well as a channel for his band, Set The Charge.

2. Madeyewlook

Calling all beauty fanatics: Ever seen the Syfy show Face Off? Imagine that, but YouTube-ified. Alexys Fleming, otherwise known as Madeyewlook, has cranked out jaw-dropping, eerie and super-detailed makeup tutorials since 2011. Watch and be amazed as she effortlessly transforms herself into various characters from movies and TV, video games, comics and even her own original creatures.

3. Jared Dines

Having formerly played in numerous bands, Jared Dines started his channel up in 2010. There, he began uploading metal covers of non-metal songs, music-related comedy skits and his own original content. Nine years later, the multi-instrumentalist is known for many different videos including his “Shred Wars” and “Things Musicians Say” series and gear demos. Dines also has The DickeyDines Show, a collab channel with his close friend Austin Dickey.

4. Destery Smith

Who could forget Destery Smith, the fringe-sporting, Zelda-tatted kid we all grew up watching when he launched his channel, then known as CapnDesDes, back in 2010? Since then, he has become most famous for his comedy series, “WTF News.” Its predecessor, “WTF 5,” was uploaded weekly to the channel of fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson until early last year. Aside from news compilations, Smith is also a singer-songwriter who released an album, Sailing Home, in 2015.

5. Johnnie Guilbert

Originally a member of the internet collective My Digital Escape, which ended three years ago, Johnnie Guilbert has since taken his own channel to new heights through posting tons of challenges, vlogs and much more. Additionally, he’s a solo musician and one half of musical duo, Til Death Do We Part, alongside pal and fellow YouTuber, Jake Bateman. Guilbert was even featured in a BuzzFeed video in 2016—how’s that for star power?