Last month, Sarah Paulson confirmed that filming for season 10 of American Horror Story begins this fall.

Now, Paulson may have just hinted that a controversial plot line from Asylum is returning for the new season.

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Filming for American Horror Story season 10 was set to begin this past spring. However, due to coronavirus, filming was suspended indefinitely. Ryan Murphy previously shared that season 10's original storyline was heavily based on warm weather. Since production was delayed until this fall, Murphy said the entire plan for season 10 could change.

“A lot of what I was going to shoot was dependent on a very specific moment,” Murphy said. “It was a weather-dependent show. So now I don’t know. I don’t know what we’re going to do.”

Now, Paulson may have hinted at what's in store for the new AHS season. The actress recently took part in a video interview with Harper's BAZAAR. During the interview, she is asked about the popular fan theory that season 10 may be about aliens.

Paulson tries to keep it coy with her response, but she does say that the inclusion of aliens in season 10 is "possible."

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"I plead the Fifth… everyone's gonna think that's me confirming it," she says. "I just think it's possible, how about that? I think that is... possible. I'm gonna get in so much trouble!"

Murphy previously revealed that a big hint about season 10's plot can be found in the eighth episode of American Horror Story: 1984. In the episode, Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy is name-dropped in a line that talks about other paranormal creatures.

"Back in the '70s, all anyone cared about was Bigfoot, aliens, the Loch Ness monster... all that Leonard Nimoy ‘In Search Of’ shit."

As well, the same scene also mentions the National Enquirer. If you remember, this publication awarded $5,000 to Travis Walton for "best UFO case of the year" after he was allegedly abducted by aliens.

Aliens were also part of the plot in American Horror Story: Asylum. The inclusion of the UFOs was pretty controversial and a lot of viewers didn't like it. Murphy, however, previously explained that there was a specific reason aliens were part of season 2.

"For me, [aliens] were always an obvious metaphor for God," he says. "It fit very easily into the world of a Catholic sanitarium asylum... It was also about science versus faith so it made sense to me."

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He also said that he loves the idea of aliens and the inclusion of them in season 2. So, perhaps Murphy has decided to bring them back for season 10?

"The show is a show that pays tribute to a lot of horror masters," Murphy said. "We take that seriously, so I always loved the alien idea of it, I loved what it was, I loved what it was about.”

Joining Paulson for season 10 are Evan PetersKathy BatesLeslie GrossmanBillie LourdAdina PorterLily RabeAngelica Ross and Finn Wittrock. Macaulay Culkin will also be joining as an AHS newcomer.

There is no word yet on if Emma Roberts will be making an appearance in the new season. Roberts recently announced that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund.

As well, Lourd just welcomed her first child with her fiance Austen Rydell. The couple decided to name their son in honor of Lourd's late mother and legendary actress Carrie Fisher.

Watch Sarah Paulson's full interview below.

What do you think American Horror Story season 10 will be about? Do you want it to be about aliens? Let us know in the comments below.