On Tuesday, Apple finally unveiled the new iPhone 12. However, the tech company was quickly hit with criticism because the pricey phone doesn't come with EarPods or power adapters.

Now, Apple is explaining why the accessories are being eliminated from the iPhone 12 boxes.

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Now, Apple is explaining why they are removing the accessories from the box. The move is part of the company's eco-friendly initiative. By eliminating the EarPods and power adapters, Apple is drastically decreasing its impact on the environment.

“As part of our efforts to reach our environmental goals," Apple says. "iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini do not include a power adapter or EarPods. Please use your current Apple power adapter and headphones, or purchase these accessories separately.”

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This move will allow packaging to be smaller and lighter which can decrease the use of precious materials. As well, it will greatly reduce carbon emissions. Apple believes that the elimination of these accessories will cut its carbon emissions by more than 2 million metric tons a year. This is the equivalent of reducing 450,000 cars on the road each year.

Customers that purchase the iPhone 12 will still receive a USB-C to Lightning cable. However, power adapters and EarPods will have to be purchased separately. EarPods and 20W USB-C Power Adapter are currently priced at $19 each.

As well, the removal of these accessories in the iPhone 12 packaging is part of Apple's plans to move towards MagSafe wireless charging. Apple just launched attachable wallets, silicone, leather and transparent protective cases for the iPhone 12.

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However, if you live in France, you're in luck. iPhone 12 sales in France will continue to have EarPods included in the boxes. This is due to a law that requires phones to come with a “handsfree kit” so that users can make calls without having to hold the handset to their ears.

Do you think the iPhone 12 should come with EarPods and a power adapter? Let us know in the comments below.