Last year, rumors swirled that the original cut of Birds Of Prey starring Margot Robbie included a plot pertaining to "dick pics" of Black Mask (played by Ewan McGregor). It was rumored that the plot was centered around a diamond that had photographs of Black Mask's full-frontal nude statue in it.

Now, Birds of Prey's director Cathy Yan is responding to these rumors months following the movie's release.

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Released earlier this year, Birds Of Prey saw Harley Quinn pick up her life following her split from the Joker. One of the main storylines in the film features Cain swallowing an expensive diamond in efforts to keep it for herself. Quinn, along with McGregor's Black Mask, spend the majority of the movie fighting to get the diamond back.

However, it was rumored that inside the diamond was originally supposed to be explicit photographs of Black Mask. The plot reportedly entailed that the photos of Black Mask's nude statue could be seen through the diamond and made his dick look small. Due to this, Black Mask becomes fixated on getting the diamond back and attempts to kill Cain to do so.

Now, clearly the photographs of the nude Black Mask statue were not part of the storyline played out in Birds Of Prey's final version. Up until now, Birds Of Prey's cast and Yan have kept quiet about these rumors. However, Yan is now putting these rumors to rest once and for all.

It all began with a tweet from Suicide Squad-director David Ayer. On May 30, Ayer responded again to reshoot rumors. Since the film's release in 2016, it has been highly skepticized that Suicide Squad was reshot to cut out scenes featuring the Joker. It was rumored that both Ayer and film executives did not like Jared Leto's portrayal of the villain and cut him out of large parts of the movie. However, in his response, Ayer confirms again that the Suicide Squad reshoots had nothing to do with Leto's performance.

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In response to the Suicide Squad reshoots, Yan tweeted to Ayer about the reshoots that were also done on Birds Of Prey.

Following the mention of the Birds Of Prey reshoots, journalist Grace Randolph directly tweeted to Yan about the rumored explicit photos plot that was removed.

However, Yan decided it was finally time to address the rumors surrounding the film's reshoot.

"Excuse me, you have no idea what you’re talking about," Yan says. "It’s fascinating you would deem to try when you weren’t part of the process whatsoever."

Yate then further elaborates on the subject more in a separate tweet.

So, yes there was going to be a plot pertaining to a nude statue of Black Mask, but not in the way that was rumored. Rather, the plot was supposed to show Black Mask's narcissism as he had a statue of himself created to look like Michelangelo's David.
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Warner Brothers Studios confirmed that Suicide Squad‘s sequel, The Suicide Squad or Suicide Squad 2, is arriving August 6, 2021. The film is directed by James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy). No information on if the current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the film’s release date has been shared yet. Over the past few weeks, a number of films have had their release dates delayed.

What do you think of Black Mask's original statue plot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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