The highly anticipated video game Death Stranding revealed its incredible accompanying soundtrack last month, set to include heavyweights Bring Me The Horizon.

Now, after what has felt like an eternity of waiting, BMTH have debuted their fiery new track "Ludens" from the forthcoming soundtrack Death Stranding: Timefall (Original Music from the World of Death Stranding). Check it out below!

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Speaking with Mac, frontman Oli Sykes revealed how Bring Me The Horizon found themselves on the soundtrack.

"We'd been talking about doing a song for this game for a while. But it was just taking a long time with lawyers, all kinds of problems and stuff. We weren't really writing anything because we didn't think it was going to happen. And then on tour we get an email saying 'it's all gone through, it's happening, but you need to deliver the song for Saturday,' and it was like Monday.

And we were like, 'we haven't written anything is there any way we can get an extension?' They were like, 'no, it's a hard delivery date for Saturday at 12. If you don't deliver it on the dot for that it won't get used.'"

He adds, "So we were kind of like, 'it's not going to happen.' We've never wrote a song in five days in our lives. Especially not from scratch and not for a video game that we obviously wanted to be really special. But it just came down to, we can try and fail or we can not do anything and definitely fail."

You can hear the brand new Bring Me The Horizon track "Ludens" below and stream it

Death Stranding: Timefall track list:

1. “Trigger” Major Lazer & Khalid
2. “Ghost” Au/Ra & Alan Walker
3. “Death Stranding” Chvrches
4. “Yellow Box” The Neighbourhood
5. “Meanwhile...In Genova” The S.L.P.
6. “Ludens” Bring Me the Horizon
7. “Born In The Slumber” Flora Cash
8. “Sing To Me” MISSIO

Death Stranding: Timefall (Original Music from the World of Death Stranding) is slated to be released Nov. 7 via RCA Records and Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game itself will be released Nov. 8 on PlayStation 4.

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