On April 7, we got to see Bring Me The Horizon declare 2020 the year of the guttural. Now, we get to watch them say "my inferior penis" approximately 113 times. 

That may be an exaggeration but in their newest BMTH8 update, Bring Me The Horizon are all jokes as Jordan Fish laments about his balls and Oli Sykes being the main lyricist. 

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Bring Me The Horizon are still shacked up together waiting out this coronavirus pandemic. They've given us 11 days of album updates so far and show no sign of slowing down. 

In mid-March, Bring Me The Horizon announced they were working on new material tagged for a release tentatively titled BMTH8.

The new release will be the first new material from them since dropping their Music To Listen To… EP back in December.

Initially, they revealed the new project with an Instagram post followed by one from Sykes himself. Filmmaker Brian Cox also made a post discussing their plans as he is documenting their process.

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Recently, we've seen everything from pranks on Sykes' mom Carol to the return of Suicide Season era growls. Now, Bring Me The Horizon have given us some lighter lyrical content.

The newest set of lyrics is a far cry from yesterday's update of “Pass the flask ’cause I’m bathing in blood." That sounds rather morose and more akin to a death metal band like Cannibal Corpse. No, today's content sees them singing about Jordan Fish's penis. Actually the lyric "my inferior penis" might make for a decent Saturday Night Live! sketch about an insecure death metal band. 

The newest update starts with Fish talking to Cox saying he has issues too, but with Sykes being the main lyricist, it has to be all about him. 

Fish goes on to describe and lament the fact that his balls keep sagging more and more every year and his tiny cock. From there, Sykes starts singing "my inferior penis" a bunch of different ways over a snippet of a new song. Check it out below. 

To watch all of Bring Me The Horizon’s updates thus far, head here.

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