Motionless In White are one of the more recent bands to be impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Last month, they postponed their upcoming tour with Knocked Loose that was set to kick off this month.

Despite the setback Motionless In White have faced, vocalist Chris Motionless is hoping to lift some spirits during this difficult time with his latest social media post.

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Taking to his Instagram, Chris shared some nostalgic photographs and Motionless In White memorabilia with his followers.

"Hey everyone! [I] hope you are all doing okay with everything going on in the world right now," he says. "Thought maybe this post would bring you a smile or a laugh."

While quarantining over the past few weeks, Chris discovered these items while going through storage and decided to share the throwbacks and give context about what each image and item means.

"I’ve been using some of this time off to go through TONS of storage and I found some really great stuff in every category," he shares. "One of those categories being some photos and mementos from my years in high school and the years when MIW first started."

The first image is an unreleased photograph of Chris during his first Motionless In White photoshoot.

"We didn’t have any photographer friends, so we had to go to the same place I had my senior pictures done the year before," he says. "[It] was super awkward, and the pics are even more awkward haha. My friend Steve used to call us 'Motionless In White Belts.' HOLY MYSPACE."

The second image shared includes car air freshers that say "New Car Smell," the name of Chris' first band that started in 2002. It also shows some of his senior photos where he is holding his grandfather's Gibson Les Paul guitar.

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The third image shows his sentiment to Motionless In White's big milestones throughout the years. Along with a newspaper write up from MIW's first "big" show with Senses Fail in 2005, Chris has also kept onto the show's ticket for over 15 years. As well, he gave insight into how Motionless In White were added onto the show's lineup.

"I had to call the promoter every day for a month and beg to be on this show and he finally cracked," he says. "I have yet to ask him if he remembers this at all every time I see him these days. Thanks, Stan!"

Chris then goes on to share a photo of his employee badge from when he worked at PacSun. Although it's not exactly Motionless In White memorabilia, the item reminds Chris of the time when he first started getting involved in music.

"My badge from working at Pacsun in the second half of the 2000’s," he shares. "At one point, everyone in the band except for Angelo worked there and I have no idea how we were able to do that and play weekend shows at the same time. I also joined a grind band playing guitar for one of our Pacsun managers, Rev Mike."

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Chris continues to share four images of himself from throughout the years. From his 18th birthday to getting his second tattoo and so on, the images capture particular milestones from his life.

Top left photo - "My 18th birthday. Went to get an industrial piercing before going to see Thrice and Thursday that night, only to get the piercing punched out in the pit haha. (Peep that Atreyu shirt @thebrandonsaller!)"

Bottom left photo - "Day I got my second tattoo."

Bottom right photo - "2004. One of the few photos of my days as 'Chris from toys' at Walmart. I was fired after 2 years. Not hard to see why haha."

The post continues with never-before-scene photographs of Chris' early live performances over the years. He even has an old photo with Simple Plan's David Desrosiers. The Instagram post ends with an old video of Chris playing guitar.

Along with the blast from the past content Chris shared, Motionless In White's debut album Creatures is turning 10 this year! Featuring the single "Abigal," the album was released on Oct. 12, 2010 and is the only MIW album to feature bassist TJ Bell (Escape The Fate).

What is your favorite photograph Chris shared? Let us know in the comments below!

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