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Have you ever discovered an artist who you really loved and proceeded to jam their entire discography into your earholes for a week straight? Sadly, the groups in this list are only responsible for producing one studio album as a group.

Don’t worry though: There are plenty of familiar faces who went on to produce similar sounds, but never again under these names.

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1. +44

Following blink-182’s brief hiatus in 2005, bassist Mark Hoppus recruited bandmate Travis Barker for a one album emo-punk project, +44. While it’s been about 13 years since its release, Hoppus didn’t rule out the possibility of a follow-up project during a Twitter Q&A in early 2017.  

2. Box Car Racer

On the other end of the stage, blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge borrowed Travis Barker for his own one-album project, Box Car Racer. Aside from its heavier, darker sound, the album featured artists who would have never fit in a blink album such as Tim Armstrong of Rancid and Mark Hoppus of…oh.

3. Operation Ivy

Tim Armstrong was also part of another one-album wonder, credited as one of the first to merge punk and ska. A lot of Operation Ivy’s sound transferred over when Armstrong formed Rancid, but its fast pace and angsty lyrics stay true to the punk sound.

4. Sex Pistols

Arguably the most influential group on this list, the Sex Pistols stand strong as one of the main pioneers of the punk movement in the U.K. They also gave us John Lydon, responsible for some of the sassiest interviews ever.

5. The Germs

Another punk icon, The Germs were one of the many punk godfathers who went hard for one album before breaking up due to tragedy. Founding member Pat Smear struggled to find success going forward, contributing to powerhouse groups such as Nirvana and Foo Fighters.