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25 Comic-Con-inspired looks to geek out over

From TV to movies to comic books and everything in between

July 20, 2018
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One of the most anticipated weekends of the year is finally upon us, the 2018 Comic-Con International: San Diego officially kicked off yesterday. Whether you’re attending the con, patiently waiting at home for all the news and trailers or hoping to get a jumpstart on your Halloween costume, here are some Comic-Con-appropriate looks to get you in the spirit.

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Wonder Woman
comic con wonder woman

[Photo via Hot Topic]

Every good outfit needs a pair of boots, and these interchangeable ones are perfect for any Wonder Woman fan.

My Neighbor Totoro
comic con totoro

[Photo via Hot Topic]

A subtle yet totally appropriate way to show your love for Totoro.

Rick And Morty
comic con rick and morty

[Photo via Hot Topic]

Channel your inner Rick with this sweet lab coat.

Beauty And The Beast
comic con beauty and the beast

[Photo via Hot Topic]

Side effects of this dress include randomly breaking out into song during daily activities.

Black Panther
comic con black panther

[Photo via BoxLunch]

Wakanda forever.

Dragon Ball Z
comic con dragon ball z

[Photo via Hot Topic]

You can look like you’re wearing armor without actually having to wear it.


Whether you’re more of a Jughead Jones with your hat and jacket choices…

riverdale jughead

[Photo via Hot Topic]

…or a Cheryl Blossom from head to toe, these Riverdale-inspired outfits are on point.

riverdale cheryl

[Photo via Hot Topic]

Kiki’s Delivery Service

[Photo via Hot Topic]

It would probably be pretty difficult to sneak a real black cat into the convention center, so this adorable mini backpack is a good close second as a stand-in for the Jiji to your Kiki.

Star Wars

[Photo via Hot Topic]

For all you Chewie lovers out there, this vest is perfect.

Sailor Moon
sailor moon

[Photo via Hot Topic]

If brooches aren’t your thing, then this crossbody bag inspired by the one from Sailor Moon is right up your alley.


[Photo via Party City]

Using “cute” to describe something as horrifying as Pennywise feels wrong, but this costume definitely adds some style to the clown’s original look.

comic con deadpool

[Photo via Trend Kings Shop]

For all you X-Men in training out there.


[Photo via ASOS]

If you want to be Castiel, but you know, chic.

The Avengers series
comic con hulk

[Photo via Vans]

We’re bursting at how rad these Hulk-inspired Vans are.

comic con pokemon

[Photo via Hot Topic]

This Pikachu onesie can help you show your devotion while staying totally comfy.

A Nightmare On Elm Street
nightmare on elm street

[Photo via Hot Topic]

This Freddy Krueger-inspired skater dress is perfect for horror lovers.

Stranger Things

From everyday Dustin

comic con stranger things dustin

[Photo via Hot Topic]

…to punk Eleven, there are so many quality looks to pull from Stranger Things.

comic con eleven

[Photo via Party City]

Bob’s Burgers
bob's burgers

[Photo via Hot Topic]

Stay warm and show our love of Bob’s Burgers? We’re sold.

Suicide Squad
comic con suicide squad

[Photo via Hot Topic]

Whether you want to go full-on Harley Quinn or just rock a cool piece from her look, this jacket is the perfect addition.

American Horror Story: Coven
comic con ahs coven

[Photo via Hot Topic]

Slap on a wide-brimmed hat and you’re a Supreme in training.

Howl’s Moving Castle
howls moving castle

[Photo via Hot Topic]

The beauty of this dress is that it can totally be repurposed for an everyday look.

Guardians Of The Galaxy
comic con guardians of the galaxy

[Photo via Hot Topic]

The only thing missing from this Star Lord look is a cassette tape mix.

Doctor Who
doctor who

[Photo via Hot Topic]

This Doctor Who-inspired dress is perfect for anyone who’s a fan of the Eleventh Doctor.

Written by Rachel Campbell