Is there some heavy new stuff on the way from Mr. Way?

Scene paramour Gerard Way is kicking off the new year with a hefty 2018 recap on his official website, the ex-My Chemical Romance vocalist and multifaceted media vanguard sharing the things that moved him during a "dark year."

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And though the span was "full of black magic," Way writes, he still found time to work on his Umbrella Academy show for Netflix and launch new solo tunes such as "Baby You're A Haunted House, "Getting Down The Germs" and "Dasher."

But it's witches—that's right, witches—that inspired the musician to write a brand new song called "I Am The Hag," he says. And it's a probable 2019 Gerard Way release that the creative kingpin calls "kind of heavy." Bring it on, dad!

That's right, the beast of the year that was 2018 got Way "thinking about witches again," he writes. A Halloween mask inspired "a song called 'I Am The Hag,' which I haven’t finished yet. It’s kind of heavy. Maybe I’ll release it in 2019."

"2018 was a dark year full of black magic in my opinion, so it got me thinking about witches again. I was inspired to buy this mask because I had just written a song called I Am The Hag, which I haven’t finished yet. It’s kind of heavy. Maybe I’ll release it in 2019." —Gerard Way,

But the one-time My Chemical Romance leader makes clear his creation of comic books is his deciding creative muse. In the post, he lets readers take a peek at the office where he writes titles like Doom Patrol and the UA Apocalypse Suite.

"This is where I work," Way describes of his workspace on the site. "Being a writer is incredibly hard, as any writer will tell you, but I also find it to be one of the most rewarding things you can do, and I plan to continue doing it."

The entire update makes an enlightening read for Way fans. Plus, he tells of his love of squirrels, vintage T-shirts, painted miniatures and his beloved cat Lotion. Read the full update here, and sound off in the comments section, below.

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