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Here's what led to BMTH and BABYMETAL's heavy collab "Kingslayer"

Last month, Bring Me The Horizon finally unveiled their new EP POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR. Along with features from Nova Twins, Amy Lee and YUNGBLUD, BMTH teamed up with Japanese duo BABYMETAL for the heavy-hitting song “Kingslayer.”

Now, Bring Me The Horizon have revealed how their collab came to be and why it was years in the making.

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Bring Me The Horizon and BABYMETAL may seem like they are from completely different worlds, but the acts actually having a few things in common. After meeting in 2015, they kept in touch and BMTH eventually opened for the duo on their 2019 Japanese arena tour.

Oli Sykes previously told NME that Bring Me The Horizon have wanted to do a collaboration with BABYMETAL for a very long time.

“We wanted to do something with them for ages,” he said. “We’ve got a really special connection with them, even though we don’t speak the same language. We don’t hang out or have conversations, but when you see them, it makes you really happy.”

Now, we finally know just how their collaboration on “Kingslayer” came to be. In a new behind-the-scenes video, Bring Me The Horizon reveal how their relationship with BABYMETAL over the years eventually led to them working together.

When it came time to record POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR, Sykes knew BMTH needed to do something different with “Kingslayer.”

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“I didn’t want to just go super hard on it and it sound super old school,” he says. “It needed to sound fresh to me and I think when we got them on, it just elevated the song to sound like some kind of anime theme tune intro. It just kind of gave me the freedom to [just] go as fucking crazy as I want and the song’s still gonna sound like mental and like something no one’s heard before.”

Sykes also shares that working with BABYMETAL was incredible and they brought a lot to “Kingslayer.”

“Working with them was awesome,” he continues. “They’re so organized and so professional. I asked them, ‘I really want you guys to sing the verse in Japanese.’ So I told them the idea behind the song and the concept and they came back with like a table of option A,B,C and D of lyrics and little like all of it in Japanese and the translation and what it meant.”

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POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR also includes collabs with YUNGBLUD onObey,” the Nova Twins and Evanescence‘s Amy Lee. As it turns out, an unexpected chain of events eventually led to BMTH working with Lee on the EP’s closing track.

Even though POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR was released just under a month ago, BMTH have even more music on the way. This latest EP is the first of four releases Bring Me The Horizon are putting out under the umbrella name POST HUMAN. At this time, they have not confirmed when the next installment of the anthology is arriving.

See how Bring Me The Horizon and BABYMETAL’s collab came to be and stream “Kingslayer” below.

Is “Kingslayer” your favorite song on POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR? What were your reactions when you heard Bring Me The Horizon and BABYMETAL were collaborating together? Let us know in the comments below.