Machine Gun Kelly has been hyper-busy. Between finishing up his highly-anticipated pop-punk album Tickets To My Downfall, playing shows and launching new merch, it seems like the crossover rapper doesn't get much time to just sit back and relax.

Well, now it seems his buddies and "I Think I'm OKAY" collaborators are making sure he can't relax either. Judging by social media posts, YUNGLBLUD and Travis Barker seem to have pranked Machine Gun Kelly on MTV's Punk'd.

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For those either too young or living under a rock in the early 2000s, Punk'd was/is a show created by Ashton Kutcher and MTV. It originally started as a show pranking everyday average people but after a high priced lawsuit, the show shifted gears to prank celebrities.

Some of the more famous pranks include convincing Justin Timberlake his mansion was being seized by the government and stealing Frankie Muniz's custom Porsche.

Punk'd is also famous for being rebooted a number of times. The original show ended in 2007. In 2010, a reboot was announced where Justin Bieber would replace Kutcher as the host. That reboot ended in 2012.

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Following that, BET rebooted the show under Katalyst Media which premiered in 2015. Then, it was announced that in 2020 another reboot would be taking place on the mobile video platform Quibi. It is to be hosted by Chance The Rapper. This apparently leads us to Machine Gun Kelly.

Over this past weekend, Travis Barker posted to his Instagram story a photo with a sign saying "you got PUNK'D." The text says "stay tuned....this was amazing to witness." YUNGBLUD and Machine Gun Kelly were tagged in the post.

Machine Gun Kelly

[Photo via Instagram][/caption]Next, Machine Gun Kelly tweeted at YUNGBLUD and MTV.

@yungblud ok fine u guys got me good !!! ??‍♂️ @MTV 

But, as of now, there is not other news regarding when we will see the prank or even what it is. Hopefully, we'll find out soon.

More Machine Gun Kelly 

Big Time Adolescence just got its official Red Band trailer and it goes hard. Starring Pete Davidson, Machine Gun Kelly, Griffin Gluck and Jon Cryer, the film was a smash hit at Sundance Film Festival last year. The film follows a teen from the suburbs who is under the guidance of his college dropout best friend (Davidson) and his buddy (MGK).

The newest trailer gives us a good look at the parties, punishment and persistent comedy that mad Big Time Adolescence such a hit in the first place.

Back in November, it was revealed the coming-of-age drama, directed by Jason Orley, was heading to the Sundance Film Festival. The official description states: “A suburban teenager comes of age under the destructive guidance of his best friend, an aimless college dropout.”

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After making its Sundance debut, the film scored a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Davidson earned praise over his leading role and strong performance.

According to DeadlineHulu then acquired the movie in a deal worth $4 million.

Now we get to see an official trailer and to be honest, as long as it’s not one of those movies that puts all the funny stuff in the trailer, we see why it performed so well.

As stated, the movie centers around Mo(Gluck) and Zeke(Davidson). Zeke is the ex-boyfriend of Mo’s older sister and is a college dropout. Zeke genuinely cares for Mo and vice versa, teaching him about life and making him feel cool, but allowing for some very questionable guidance and life decisions along the way.

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Mo’s father (Cryer) attempts to careen the two apart but judging from the trailer, t doesn’t go so well.

MGK plays one of Zeke’s good friends Nick and appears to be a constant source of comedy for the potentially emotional film. At one point, MGK gives some very good advice to Mo when he scolds him for looking at a 16-year-old, to which Mo replies that he is 16 as well.

Check out the new trailer below.

Towards the end of the trailer, there is a pretty funny tattoo joke revealed by Mo and his father. Well, MGK actually gave Davidson a tattoo during filming.

Davidson showed off his ink during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter at Sundance Film Festival. They wanted the scene to be authentic which is why he didn’t fake it.

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“He actually killed it,” Davidson said about MGK’s tattoo skills. “He did great work. He’s very proud of his work.”

MGK commented during the interview that the “Z” in “Zeke” is so much thicker than the other letters because it was when they were starting to roll. He kept having to go over the letter to make it look real.

MGK also spoke to IndieWire about the tattoo in a bit more detail.

“We were kinda throwin’ in different kick it situations, and one of them, Pete was like, ‘We should do a tattoo scene,’” MGK said. “Being the way that we are, we were like, ‘We should just do this for real,’ so we got a tattoo gun.”

Big Time Adolescence will be in select theaters March 13 and on Hulu March 20.

What prank do you think YUNGBLUD pulled on Machine Gun Kelly? Sound off below!

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