Before 2018 came to a close, Machine Gun Kelly had to fire one last shot at Eminem. The Cleveland rapper took to Instagram to share a post re-hashing their “Killshot”/“Rap Devil” beef from earlier this year.

Accompanied by a caption, the post is simply a short clip from his “Rap Devil” music video.

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“just to piss y’all off one more time before the years over,” the post’s caption reads. “y’all still BIG mad fuck rap god im the rap devil. goodbye 2018.”

Despite what he said in an interview in September, Machine Gun Kelly doesn’t seem quite over it.

Now, it is only a matter of time before the feud resurrects between the two rappers. Stay tuned.

Just in case you need a refresher on all of the drama that unfolded this summer here are a few key moments to remember:

The feud reignited when Eminem dropped Kamikaze. The record was full of diss tracks such as “Not Alike,” which had a line that threw some serious shade at MGK. The shade in question was a tweet from MGK that he made back in 2012. The tweet apparently was a suggestive comment about Eminem’s daughter Hallie.

Then, after waiting a few days, Machine Gun Kelly fired back with “Rap Devil.” However, he didn’t stop there. He then changed his Twitter bio to “fuck rap god I’m the rap devil.”

Following that, MGK performed “Rap Devil” in Eminem’s home state of Michigan and said, “This is not a battle between Michigan and Ohio. This is a battle between the past and the motherfucking future. Knees weak of old age! The real Slim Shady can’t stand up!”

After saying that he wanted to “destroy him,” Eminem responded to “Rap Devil” with another diss track of his own. Thus, “Killshot” was born.

Of course, MGK couldn’t let Eminem have the last word. The Cleveland rapper called “Killshot” more of a “legshot” and that “he missed.” Additionally, MGK announced his EP Binge.

After that, a bunch of unnecessary commentary come raging in from artists such as Iggy Azalea, G-Eazy and Five Finger Death Punch.

However, after some time, it seemed the drama had started to fall to the wayside. How wrong we were.

You can watch Machine Gun Kelly’s music video for “Rap Devil” below.

What are your concluding thoughts surrounding the Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly drama? Sound off in the comments below.

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