My Chemical Romance made their return on Halloween, but that doesn’t mean they can’t join in the winter festivities. 

Tracks from the emo powerhouse have been paired up with popular songs before. With mashups with the likes of Katy Perry and Lynard Skynard, the alt-rock anthems have been shown to match well between genres, but the hits never stop coming.

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A mash-up of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” and MCR’s “Welcome To The Black Parade” is making its rounds on the internet just in time for the holidays. While MCR also covered the Carey classic in 2004, this new mashup is offering some stiff competition. 

We have to hand it to the creator, the track isn’t that bad, but the way they fit together so perfectly is kind of creepy. 

The song starts slowly with bright orchestra bells and Carey singing the catchy first chorus before Gerard Way comes in singing “Will you be the savior of the broken?” Through its duration, the singers alternate between their respective parts, the backing track to the Christmas song keeping time.

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Check out “Welcome To The Christmas Parade” below!

 More on My Chemical Romance

The band made their return to the scene October 31st after creating an Instagram page and posting teasers on the story.

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Later that day, the group announced they’re coming back officially and their first show will be December 20th at Shrine Expo Hall. Tickets sold out within minutes, but there are more concerts and festivals planned where MCR will be making an appearance.  

The band will be headlining Download Fest in Melbourne, Australia, and Japan. They will also be joining Jimmy Eat World, Midnight Youth and Miss June in West Springs New Zealand. Tickets for all their future performance dates can be found here. 


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