Hope For The Day is doing their part to check in on people's mental health during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic through a livestreaming chat about mental health and stigmas along with Neck Deep's Ben Barlow.

CEO Jonny Boucher along with Barlow are hosting their Sip Of Hope Coffee Talk tomorrow (March 22) at 10 AM CST over on YouTube.

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The mental health awareness organization's monthly podcast features "education and open forum dialogue" in regards to mental health in the music scene.

The organization focuses on proactive suicide prevention through outreach, education and action in mental health awareness through a multitude of partnerships, discussions, events and more.

They've previously worked with a ton of musicians. Recently, they were a part of Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman and Talinda Bennington's 320 Mental Health Summit.

They also partnered with Killswitch Engage with proceeds from their song "I Am Broken Too" going to the organization.

Further, Pure Noise Records released a tribute album called Keep Shining On featuring the songs of Tim Landers, the guitarist/vocalist of Transit. The label donated all proceeds from the album to the organization.

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Back in 2017, Hope For The Day collaborated with Barlow, along with Beartooth guitarist Taylor Lumley, through a video about effecting a positive change in mental health.

The clip follows Boucher as he speaks with Neck Deep and Beartooth about making a positive impact in the music scene.

“Neck Deep's message and Hope For The Day's message are so similar that they go hand-in-hand,” says Barlow. “I feel like there's some good that we can do, as a band.

“Anyone with a platform's duty is to do something positive with it,” Barlow adds.

“We got involved pretty much as soon as we could,” says Lumley of Beartooth's alliance with Hope For The Day. “For us, it became a way to bridge our message as a group with an organization that's trying to help find solutions for people.”

You can check out that video below.

You can tune into the chat tomorrow at 10 AM CST here.

Head here to learn more about Hope For The Day or donate to the organization.

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