Foo Fighters
[Photo by: Brantley Gutierrez]

After playing drums in Nirvana and handling percussion on the first two Foo Fighters albums, you’d think that Dave Grohl maybe got his fill of the drum stool. But that didn’t stop him from rockin’ beats for Josh Homme‘s Queens Of The Stone Age, the Zeppelin-infused Them Crooked Vultures, one-off metal project Probot, plus more. Now, the Foos frontman says there’s one last act he’s yearning to hit the skins for.

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That’s right, there’s still a bastion of rock that Mr. Grohl would love to take a crack at. With his drum sticks, that is! Speaking to Forbes journalist Steve Baltin about the importance of voting Tuesday, the Foo Fighter joins fellow artists Beck and Moby in getting out the vote while talking some music. And when asked his “dream person to play drums for,” the rock Renaissance man doesn’t hesitate with his answer.

AC/DC,” says Grohl unequivocally. “That’s my last one, that’s it. Phil Rudd is back though. If you dive back into their back catalog, that early s**t, there was a little bit more dynamic, then they settled into the groove. That’s the thing.”

“AC/DC. That’s my last one, that’s it.” —Dave Grohl

The aforementioned Rudd has been speculated as having returned to the AC/DC fold after last exiting the band in 2015, as recently noted by Consequence of Sound. Rudd had a reportedly tough time leading up to the end of his most recent tenure in the group, the veteran AC/DC drummer first being charged with solicitation of murder in 2014 before prosecutors eventually dropped the charges against him.

For Grohl’s part, however, he celebrates the solid grooves the drummer laid down for the powerhouse Australian act. “It’s because of Phil Rudd,” declares Grohl of the drummer’s classic-rock prowess. “It’s AC/DC, but that guy holds the key.”

In other corners of Dave Grohl’s world, the musician will perform the 23-minute instrumental song he wrote and recorded for mini-doc Play at this December’s Warren Haynes’ Christmas Jam in North Carolina. Watch Play below:

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