Dirty Machine
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Following their recent beef with P.O.D., Dirty Machine have separated themselves from the drama and put out their latest single “Against The World.”

Set in a field, the band unapologetically shred and scratch all their way to the top. Check out the video below. 

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Produced by Ulrich Wild, who has also produced bands such as Deftones, Breaking Benjamin and Pantera, the song’s context and sound make “Against The World” a nu-metal banger that everyone needs to hear.

While some may construe that the song is in response to their feud with P.O.D., the band assure fans that the song is instead about anyone who keeps you from your dreams.

““Against the World” is an anthem for any athlete, artist or individual being held back from their dreams,” frontman David Leach says. “Nowadays it’s so easy to walk away from your goals and aspirations, in fear of financial ruin or just simply not making it. When in reality, the people who are holding you back are right in front of your face.”

If you like what you hear, you can check out more of Dirty Machine’s music here.

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A few weeks ago, the band went off on P.O.D. for their comments about younger bands not showing respect.

“Sonny we got a good taste of your hypocrite ass last year at the Indie Stock Music festival,” posted Leach.

“We were super humbled and honored to be sharing the stage with you. Everyone in our band grew up on your music. We were given the run around for weeks. First offered 100 bucks a show, then offered nothing. We still said yes. Because we knew the importance of touring with a band like yours and the experience we would gain from it.

Our manager then calls us a week before the tour starts and says we are off the tour. The only explanation we can come up with is you didn’t want to get shown up every night.”

This isn’t the first interesting music video from the band. Last year, the nu-metal outfit recorded the music video for “Built” in an IHOP.

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