Every Time I Die and Taylor Swift
[Photo by: ETID/Joshua Halling]

Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley was in for quite the surprise after a Facebook post revealed that a line he wrote just so happened to appear in one of Taylor Swift‘s polaroids from her 1989 album.

Does this mean Swift is an ETID fan?

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If you bought Taylor Swift’s 1989 album you may recall that it came with some pretty cool extras, like 5 polaroids with hand written song lyrics on each of them.

There were 65 polaroids in total, but let’s be real, getting your hands on all 65 was pretty much impossible.

Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley just so happened to stumble across the right one as he ventured over to Facebook at an “ungodly hour” last night.

It seems that one of Swift’s polaroids contains a lyric Buckley wrote scribbled across the door that the songstress is sitting in front of.

The lyric “If you leave me/I’m coming with you” is from the Every Time I Die song “Buffalo 666”.

But it seems not everyone got that memo.

This had everyone questioning if Swift is indeed a fan of ETID or if the photographer played a part in the strategically placed lyrics.

It wouldn’t be the first time Taylor Swift appeared to be a fan of our scene. The pop icon loved The Academy is… and Boys Like Girls just as much as we did. She also happens to be a huge fan of Korn.

Do you think Taylor Swift is an Every Time I Die fan? Did you catch the ETID lyrics in the polaroid? Sound off in the comments below!

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