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If you’ve seen the newest Halloween, you might have a question about the one kill Michael Myers didn’t make.

In a new interview, the film’s director, David Gordon Green, spoke with Collider about the latest Halloween movie, where he discussed the scene where Michael Myers surprised us all and didn’t go forth killing one person in the film.

Also, just a side note, there’s a spoiler under the read more. If you don’t want to know what happens then don’t read further! Or do. Just don’t yell at us about this “spoiler.”

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With Michael Myers making his long-awaited return to Haddonfield, Illinois, fans were expecting a high amount of gore. Michael certainly didn’t disappoint, as he kills almost every person he comes across, except one: a crying baby.

So, we’ve got to know, why doesn’t Michael kill that baby?

Well, according to Green, there’s two reasons. The first, it would just be “so rude” to do that. The second was a little more interesting: they wanted to show Michael make an ethical decision, saying:

“Why doesn’t he? Because that would be so rude,” director David Gordon Green told Collider. “I think it was a consideration [but] it’s terrifying in its own right. And it was a last minute idea — I mean, why is there a baby crib in the living room? It was gonna be her husband sleeping on the couch, but then he didn’t show up and we scrambled and put a baby crib in there. And then, yeah, I thought it was interesting to see one ethical choice that he made in the movie.”

He added, “So that’s the one ethical choice he makes.”

So, while the shape may be “purely and simply evil,” per Dr. Loomis, that doesn’t mean he’ll just kill anyone. Plus, his motives often unclear, so by adding the scene where fans expect one thing, but he does another, it helps further add to the mystery of what makes Michael Myers’ tick.

Halloween movie: 

“The Shape” has finally made his long-awaited return, and besides the nightmares that he’s sure to bring, he’ll also be bringing scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, the shape himself Nick Castle, and the mastermind behind it all, John Carpenter with him.

Castle will reprise his role as Myers along with newcomer James Jude Courtney who was recruited to give the shape quick, cat-like movements.

While we’re not sure what to expect from Myer’s new cat-like qualities, we do know that the film is going to feature one giant battle between the infamous slasher and his victim Laurie Strode.

The sequel follows a crew of filmmakers as they investigate the events of Halloween 1978. They enter the prison where Michael Myers is being held and taunt him with the famous mask. Myers escapes (with the mask, of course) and seeks revenge on Strode (who according to the new trailer is no longer Myers’ sister as the 1978 film implied).

Of course, the films have had a long history and with this film, it appears that fans will have to forget everything that happened in the franchise’s previous plot lines, including those of Rob Zombie‘s 2007 and 2009 remakes.

Halloween is currently in theaters.

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