We are almost a month away from Halloween 2020. To help add anticipation to the forthcoming spooky season, Build-A-Bear is expanding its Nightmare Before Christmas collection.

Now, fans of the Tim Burton film can purchase new plushies of Oogie Boogie and Zero. However, the Oogie Boogie plushie has a little added quirk that may surprise some.

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Build-A-Bear is really taking Halloween 2020 to the next level. The company recently launched its exclusive Harry Potter collection. The collection launched on Sept. 2 and includes classic bears that are dressed to their best in each of the Hogwarts houses’ uniforms. Each bear also comes with its own magical wand from Ollivander’s.

As well, Build-A-Bear has even brought back its Pumpkin Glow Bear, especially for this year's spooky season. Along with the popular bear, other Halloween-themed plushies including an adorable Midnight Shimmer Bat and Purple Moon Cat are also available.

Now, Build-A-Bear is taking it one step further and has expanded its Nightmare Before Christmas collection. The line already includes adorable bears inspired by Jack Skellington and Sally. However, Build-A-Bear has added an Oogie Boogie and Zero plushie to its collection this year.

Zero Build-A-Bear-min

[Photo via Build-A-Bear][/caption]The Zero plushie is nearly identical to what is seen in the Nightmare Before Christmas film. The adorable companion has a pink collar and a cute little Jack-O'-Latern nose that shows off its Halloween spirit.

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As well, Nightmare Before Christmas fans can get their hands on an Oogie Boogie plushie that can, literally, serenade you. Just like the Sally and Jack Skellington plushies, Oogie Boogie comes equipped with a sound box. When pressed, the villain we love to hate sings his self-titled song straight from the movie.

The Zero plushie is available for $22 while Oogie Boogie can be yours this Halloween for $37.

Oogie Boogie Build-A-Bear-min

[Photo via Build-A-Bear][/caption]Build-A-Bear follows a slew of other companies who have expanded their Nightmare Before Christmas collections. Funko recently unveiled an Oogie Boogie Funko Soda that is already selling out.

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Funko also previously announced its highly-requested Nightmare Before Christmas Advent calendar. As well, Disney has launched a fashion line, an Oogie Boogie holiday stocking and a Sally-inspired hot beverage hug.

Also, thanks to Dark Horse Comics, you can experience the beloved film like never before. The publisher has released a Nightmare Before Christmas graphic novel that tells the story just as we all remember it.

Which Nightmare Before Christmas plushie from Build-A-Bear do you want most? Let us know in the comments below.