Heavy metal godfather Ozzy Osbourne does his best Ozzy in a new interview with The Big Issue, the veteran British musician and longtime Los Angeles resident showing a seeming lack of interest in current U.K. politics by wondering the "big deal" about Brexit. (Here's what else he wants to know: "What the f**k is the deal with these Kardashians?")

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As reported by the NME, Osbourne admits he no longer follows British politics and doesn't understand what the word "Brexit"—the portmanteau encompassing the looming withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union—means.

"Is it a big deal over there?" he reportedly asks. "What will happen with it? Are people voting in or out, what's going on? I don't read the newspapers and I don't really talk politics because I don't really know. I don't really understand Brexit."

Further, the Prince of Darkness clearly isn't keeping up with the Kardashians. While identifying with the reality TV fam, the rocker takes a page from the Bon Jovi playbook in questioning the celebrity socialites' entertainment credentials.

"I said to Sharon the other day, 'What the f**k is the deal with these Kardashians? They don't sing, they don't act, they don't do anything.' She told me, 'The trend now is that people want to be celebrities and make money for doing f**king nothing.' And I was like, 'Oh.' I mean, I don't want to put them down and if I was to start slagging them off they would say, 'So what?' Good luck to them, if they're happy with it then I'm fine with that. When we did The Osbournes it was totally raw, there was no script. We just did what we did and had the camera rolling. Have a camera crew in your house for three years and you go a bit crazy!"

As mentioned, the Ozz and his family were once stars of their own reality series, so the musician clearly knows a thing or two about enduring the small-screen spotlight. What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments section, below.

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