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Brendon Urie is making dreams come true one engaged couple at a time. One Panic! At The Disco fan got the surprise of her life when the frontman actually responded to a letter she sent.

While past fans have pondered the cost to have Urie perform at their wedding (Answer: beer), Twitter user Erica Veon just wanted to let the singer know how much he’s impacted her. Veon sent Urie an invite along with a letter on “how much his music means” to her.

In the letter, Veon asks Urie if he’ll send back his autograph as a wedding gift, and Urie (who also marked he had to regretfully decline) was happy to oblige. Check out Veon’s tweet and photo below.

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“Sent this wedding invitation [with] no expectations of him coming,” Veon tweeted. “But wrote a little letter about being a fan since ’05, how much his music means to me & how amazing an autograph would be as a wedding gift & YOU GUYS! Thank you”

This isn’t the first time a Panic! At The Disco fan has requested Urie’s autograph as a wedding gift. Back in November, the band’s tour manager Zack Hall shared an image of a couple’s Star Wars-themed invite for a ceremony appropriately falling on May 4.

“Hey Laura & Ryan, somehow this got sent back in the mail but we all hope you had a great wedding and may the fourth always be with you. #fanmailfromaflounder”

Check out both wedding-themed gifts here.

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A lot of fans try to send gifts and letters to Panic! At The Disco or ask Urie to sign some items. To make sure everyone has a chance to get presents noticed, Hall shared some tips and guidelines last year.

If you want to send Urie some fan mail (or return a stolen APMAs trophy), the address to do so is below:

Brendon Urie
901 N Fairfax Ave, #176
Los Angeles, CA 90046-7203