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Poppy and Ghostemane raise hell to defy genres for a combined cover

As entirely separate entities, Poppy and Ghostemane have been dominating their respective genres, but they may have lent a helping hand in inspiring one another. Before COVID-19 struck, Poppy had just released her third full-length, I Disagree. She was sharing the stage with the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and Sleeping With Sirens and leaving their fans in utter awe by her fierce presence. Ghostemane, on the other hand, has been gearing up for the release of ANTI-ICON, his first full-length since 2018’s N / O / I / S / E.

While Poppy and Ghostemane were both busy building their empires, the world shifted, and everything came to a sudden halt. Touring and festivals were postponed or canceled, live music turned into livestreams and everyone essentially went virtual to combat the spread of the coronavirus. In the time since the worldwide shutdown, Poppy and Ghostemane have kept themselves creatively stimulated.

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After parting ways with her former collaborative partner, Poppy has grown exponentially and showcased her strength as an artist. “I would just say that there is a lot more music on the horizon, and the only thing that would be different [is] I’m the only one that I’ll ever have to answer to again,” Poppy reveals in the exclusive cover story.

She has since ditched her iconic, pin-straight blond locks and replaced them with a more natural yet captivating brunette look, which she premiered in “Sit/Stay.” She also released an incredible cover of t.A.T.u.’s “All The Things She Said,” which celebrated Pride Month.

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For the first time in Poppy’s career, fans are getting 100% of what she wants them to get. That includes breaking down the walls of her internet and onstage persona and giving fans a look into her life. Cue Eric Whitney, aka Ghostemane.

Ghostemane is the definition of industrious. For years, he’s been at the helm of the revolution of emo rap, trap metal, rap metal… Call it what you want—it’s fucking cool. On the verge of his eighth album, ANTI-ICON, set for release Oct. 21, Ghostemane is amplifying his sound, style and embracing the industrial-doom genre that he’s surrounded himself in.

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ANTI-ICON is exactly what you’d expect from the title, but fans are in for a treat. Although Ghostemane has previously released seven albums, a number of EPs and collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, ANTI-ICON goes against the grain and represents everything our world does not. Single-handedly, or perhaps intertwined with his fiancée’s hand, Ghostemane is redefining punk and creating a new wave of industrial music.

Ghostemane offered a look into ANTI-ICON with his latest release, “LAZARETTO.” Directed by Poppy, “LAZARETTO” offers a double dose of hypnotic beats pulsating through deranged visuals. Dismiss all of your expectations for what the album should be and prepare yourself for what it is.

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When we started putting together Alternative Press issue 387, we wanted to create something groundbreaking. Something our fans wouldn’t expect—at least, not like this. After Poppy and Ghostemane announced their engagement this past summer, we couldn’t think of a better match made in heaven.

“I think what’s really special is just that we can understand each other on a level that’s very specific,” Poppy says. “And as people and what we make as artists is very, very different from each other. But it’s similar enough to where there’s an understanding that goes deeper. I’ve never had something like that with somebody before. I don’t take it lightly. I think it’s a very amazing thing. From the powers that be in the universe, it put us together.”

Throughout the pages of issue 387, we explore how Poppy and Ghostemane have grown as artists, how they’ve motivated one another creatively and how the two separate their stage personas from their home life. If you’re not snapping your fingers to the Addams Family theme song after picking up this issue, you may need to rethink some things in your life. *snap snap*