Paul Stanley, the legendary KISS frontman recently had a few things to say about face tattoos and Post Malone. Stanley shared a CNN article about face tattoos with a pretty simple word on how he feels about them.

As we all know, Post Malone might be the king of face tattoos. The rapper recently got a hammer, a bloody buzzsaw and a giant gauntlet with a flail on his face. Those three all occurred within two months.

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A recent CNN article was posted about the new trend of face tattoos. It comments on Post Malone's new buzzsaw, as well as others such as Amber Rose and the Game.

The tweet blew up and the KISS legend wanted to explain not just how he felt about face tattoos, but also about Post Malone. For the record, Post Malone was used as the picture for the article, which seems to be the only reason Posty was brought up in the specific instance.

BTW... I'm a big fan of Post Malone and didn't choose his photo. Aside from a few already successful entertainers and the kids of a few rich celebrities who may not worry yet, marking your face will GREATLY limit your options and is a fad that will cost you more than that tattoo.

Paul Stanley seems to be more of a fan of the removable face decorations, i.e. paint. Stanley is well known for his Starchild persona that he's worn during his legendary, decade-spanning career. Differing opinions we suppose. Post Malone has not commented on the situation.

More Post Malone

In early January, it was rumored that Post Malone would feature on one of the collaborations for Justin Bieber‘s upcoming album Changes. Well, the Biebs dropped the album on Friday, Feb. 14 and sure enough, Post Malone is on there.

The track is titled “Forever” and also features rapper Clever.

In January, TMZ said that sources close to Bieber reported that Post Malone and Travis Scott collaborated on the upcoming album. Bieber’s end of the work is finished according to one source. They were just waiting for Malone’s vocals

The rumors were expected to be true knowing that Posty has a great track record of collaborations. His most recent album Hollywood’s Bleeding features collabs with HalseyOzzy Osbourne, SZA and more.

Well, the sources were correct because Justin Bieber dropped Changes on Valentine’s Day and now we have new Post Malone material to tide us over until his next release.

The track is a catchy and emotional bop. It has the right amount of romantic context to keep your brain activated and pulsating beat to keep your body rocking.

Listen to “Forever” below.


What is your opinion on face tattoos? Sound off in the comments below!

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