Masters of their craft can only stay on top for so long. Eventually, they hand over the reins to their pupils—but not without guidance. 

You may have stopped listening to many of pop punk’s giants long ago, tossing their CDs in a closet or burying them in a desk drawer. Little did you know they’re still very much involved in the scene—by working behind them. On the other hand, there are some rising stars who are making their mark early in their career. Meet the producers behind some of your favorite new pop-punk songs below.   

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Derek DiScanio, Sam Guaiana: "Simplemindedteens" – Young Culture

2010s pop-punk star Derek DiScanio passed on wisdom to the fast-rising Young Culture, co-producing their brand-new EP, Godspeed. It’s highlighted by “Simplemindedteens,” a soaring track packed with pace changes and nostalgic verses. The EP is a summer anthem, not unlike the work of State Champs. The pair of Albany, New York, natives do the scene proud. 

Andrew Wade, Andy Karpovck: "Nice To Meet You" – 408 and Magnolia Park

Florida-based producers Andrew Wade and Andy Karpovck are guiding a handful of bands to the scene’s mainstream like they did with A Day To Remember. 408’s collab with Magnolia Park electrifies with gorgeously piercing vocals and undeniable chemistry between the two groups. Both of them comfortably cross genres in their solo work. Sunshine State talent The Things We Were and braveweather are also among those benefiting from the steady hands of Wade and Karpovck at The Audio Compound in Orlando. 

Travis Barker, Tyler Cole: “t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l” – WILLOW (feat. Travis Barker)

Travis Barker might be the most popular collab in music right now. The blink-182 drummer is directing wayward pop stars to the punk light in droves. And he’s not just drumming on these hits—he’s helping produce many of them. WILLOWs “t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l” is a breakneck track with a throwback chorus that attracts Zoomers and millennials to the same dance floor. Tyler Cole also helped produce many of WILLOW's tracks and is well-known for working with her in THE ANXIETY

John Feldmann: “Karma” – MOD SUN and “Tattoo” – girlfriends

We’re cheating here with this two-for-one special from legendary producer John Feldmann over at Big Noise Music Group. “Karma” leads on MOD SUN’s debut album, Internet Killed The Rockstar. The anthemic track reflects the alt star’s impressive range and colorful personality. girlfriends’ “Tattoo” is an ideal pop-punk track for summer. It’s one you crank up loud enough to blow out your ear drum or car’s speakers, whichever pops first, while cruising to the beach. 

Jayden Seeley: “Time Of My Life” – Stereo Jane

The genre-bending “Time Of My Life” is the latest masterpiece from the fast-rising Stereo Jane. With Confidence vocalist/bassist Jayden Seeley maned the production. He must be one of the busiest people in pop punk because he’s behind great work from a slew of young artists. His partnership with Stereo Jane is simply heavenly. 

Nik Bruzzese: "Black & Blue (Reimagined)" – Goalkeeper

Goalkeeper’s touching reexamination of their standout track “Black & Blue” benefits from the guidance of Man Overboard’s Nik Bruzzese. Along with his own projects, Bruzzese produces for a slew of bands as part of The Gradwell House. The location is becoming a popular spot for young pop-punkers to lay down hits, such as FRND CRCL’s new track “Complications” produced by Tyler Skye. Like “Black & Blue,” it’s an absolute must-add on your summer playlist. 

Alan Day: “Sidelines” – Midfield

Backed by an aggressive hook and spotless musicianship, “Sidelines” is the newest tune from Pennsylvania’s ever-steady Midfield. The magic touch of Four Year Strong’s Alan Day is all over this cleanly touched-up beauty. Day has produced for some of the genre’s best: Can’t Swim, Knuckle Puck, Seaway and now Midfield, to name some. 

Hansel Romero: “i’m gonna tell my therapist on you” – Pinkshift

Pinkshift are destined for stardom. They’re the latest pop-punk unit from Baltimore, a scene breeding ground. The band are loaded with talent and their popular track “i’m gonna tell my therapist on you” was produced by nightlife’s Hansel Romero, who also recently worked on In The Mourning's "At What Cost." Plus, Will Yip’s remastering work on Pinkshift’s debut EP, Saccharine, belongs on his highlight reel.

Maggie Lindemann, Cody Tarpley, John Cunningham: “Different” – Maggie Lindemann

Maggie Lindemann’s debut EP, PARANOIA, is eight tracks of perfection. It caught the alt world by surprise—and landed her on the cover of our 100 Artists You Need To Know issue. “Different” is one track she helped produce herself. Lindemann shines as both a vocalist and producer, proving that she’s Wonder Woman. All that’s missing is the gold tiara.

Billy Martin: "On My Rock" – Kid Bookie

Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin found a second career adding a splash of pop punk to hip-hop as a producer. Kid Bookie’s “On My Rock” is a good example. Kid Bookie raps at hyperspeed over a bed of chunky guitar chords. It crosses genres with ease, reminding us of Martin’s immense talent. In fact, Martin’s list of collabs, and consequently his influence, is growing. 

Stevie Knight: “deathwish” – Stand Atlantic (feat. nothing,nowhere.)

The Australian natives’ follow-up to Pink Elephant is more than an encore. It’s the beginning of a whole new show, a reminder that they are among pop punk’s best. Five years ago, producer Stevie Knight guided With Confidence to similar heights. He’s at it again with Stand Atlantic.