Who among us hasn't fantasized about living the rock star life? (Well, besides rappers.) Seriously though, who wouldn't want a gig like that? The tears of the bright-eyed are the lubrication that keeps the rock 'n' roll machine pumping along. But what if a life of stardom could be gleaned from the stars themselves? In our rundown of rock star zodiac signs, we're considering the attributes of each star sign and how they factor into an artist's success. This video tells you what your zodiac sign says about your rock star persona.

We've taken the personality characteristics of all the zodiac signs and applied them to some of the biggest names in our community. What do the stars and signs consider? The range of talents. The creation of an iconic sound. The way you can command an audience. A flair for the dramatic? Absolutely. An ability to tap into your emotions. Your way with words (and lyrics). Boundless energy powered by positivity. And of course, personal style. Did we mention cultivating a badass attitude?

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Of course, some people denigrate astrology. But there's lots of evidence that will make sense in the output of our selected rockers. Does Taurus really have a wide range of talent? Are Libras always bringing something new to make your jaw drop? Will every Scorpio you encounter want to make sure you never forget them? If you know these artists, the relationships between their zodiac signs and their art looks iron-clad.

There's another common thread that both would-be musicians and rock star zodiac signs have. If you tell someone you aspire of becoming a rock star, most people will look at you askance. You know, the same they would if you told them you're a devout follower of astrology. Either way, living fulfilled is always the best revenge. So shoot for the moon, and land out in the stars somewhere.