The world may end before a lyric is written that is more perfectly emo than “My ribs have parted ways/Saying we're not going to protect this heart you have” from the Saves The Day song “You Vandal.” Or it may end when your mind gets blown from the epic connection its record, Through Being Cool, has to It Chapter Two.

Through Being Cool found Saves The Day embracing pop punk and lacing their lyrics with violent catharsis and teenage sincerity. Now, as the definitive album turns 20, frontman and chief songwriter, Chris Conley, sat down with APTV. The vocalist discusses songs that went from classrooms to classics and the Foo Fighters record he borrowed guitar tones from.

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Conley also gives an in-depth explanation of the process of creating the album's iconic couch cover. One model includes the bizarre and unexpected connection to the film It Chapter Two.

The sequel to the epic horror remake includes James Ransone as the adult version of Eddie Kaspbrak. However, before Ransone was battling evil clowns, the actor passed out on the infamous Through Being Cool couch.

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“On the back of the album, there’s somebody passed out on the couch,” Conley explains. “That is our friend who used to tour with us all the time, PJ Ransone. He actually is an actor. He plays Ziggy in The Wire, and he’s gonna be in the next It movie, so he’s like a Hollywood guy.

“We just all grew up together,  and he’s the best dude ever, so it’s bizarre there’s some intersecting stories in that layout.

More on Saves The Day

The 20 year anniversary of Saves The Day’s seminal record Through Being Cool is being celebrated with a re-release featuring some awesome new content.

In partnership with Equal Vision Records, the Through Being Cool double LP reissue includes a re-mastered version of the album alongside nine never before heard album demos recorded in their basement. It also contains a live session from the same time period as well as an accompanying booklet.

Limited vinyl, CDs and Cassettes are available for preorder here.