David Bowie Great British Bake Off
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See David Bowie's son Duncan Jones' reaction to that 'Bake Off' cake

The latest season of the Great British Bake Off really kicked things off on an interesting note. For the first showstopper challenge, contestants were asked to create 3-D model cakes of their heroes. As a result, the bakers made some interesting edible creations of David Bowie, Tom DeLonge and David Attenborough among others.

Now, David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones has shared his reaction to the David Bowie cake created by Bake Off contestant Marc Elliott.

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It’s safe to say that many of the creations during this season’s first episode of Bake Off will haunt bakers and viewers forever. The difficult challenge proved that not even contestants can pull off all of the challenges with the time given.

When the episode aired back in September, the internet had a lot of thoughts about the cakes. In particular, many viewers couldn’t forget the showstopper creations of Angel and Airwaves‘ DeLonge and Queen‘s Freddie Mercury.

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Bake Off viewers also had a few things to say about the David Bowie cake that was created during the episode.

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Now, Bowie’s son Duncan Jones has shared his verdict on the David Bowie cake. Jones recently tuned in for the Great British Bake Off episode and was surprised to see his father be made into a 3-D showstopper cake. Although he gives contestant Marc Elliott kudos for creating the cake, he couldn’t help but address the lack of similarity it had to his father.

Jones isn’t the only one to address these cake creations on Bake Off. Shortly after the episode aired, DeLonge shared his opinion on the cake created of him. Unlike Jones, the former blink-182 member didn’t soften the blow much.

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In other David Bowie news, the new biopic Stardust is currently on the way. The film’s official trailer dropped last month and quickly faced backlash.

When news of the project was first released, Jones made it known that Bowie’s family did not authorize the film and his late father’s hits would not be included in it. Nevertheless, Stardust went ahead as planned and arrives on Nov. 25.

What are your thoughts on the David Bowie Bake Off cake? Are you surprised by Duncan Jones’ reaction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.