Gerard Way is back at it with the cryptic clues this week. Over the weekend, the My Chemical Romance frontman shared a mysterious post that has sent fans into a frenzy.

While some think the post may be hinting at the upcoming Danger Days 10th anniversary, others theorize that new MCR music could potentially be on the way.

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As we all know, My Chemical Romance love to throw a cryptic curveball every once and while. Fans truly became detectives when the band began teasing various hints leading up to their unforgettable reunion last year. From subtle symbols to double meaning phrases, the MCR fandom have become modern-day Sherlock Holmes when it comes to the band's mysterious clues.

Now, a new post from Way is causing fans to put their detective hats back on. On Sunday, Way shared an eerie photo with no caption on his Instagram. The dark photo includes a statue of the Virgin Mary with shadows and plants surrounding her.


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Fans have quickly related this post back to the statue symbolism My Chemical Romance used during their 2019 reunion. In October 2019, they first announced their return with an image of a Pasquale Rizzoli statue.

Then, their reunion show's backdrop and merchandise featured an image of the statue known as the Angel of the Waters. It sits atop the Bethesda Fountain in New York City and is also an incredibly important LGBTQ+ site.

Way's latest Instagram features the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes, also known as the Blessed Virgin Mary. The statue was created in honor of the Marian apparitions that occurred in 1858 around Lourdes, France. This particular site has a lot of significance in Catholicism and is where those on a pilgrimage will visit to find deeper faith.

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One eagle-eyed MCR fan noticed that there is actually an Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Milton Keynes, England. The U.K. was one of the first places where My Chemical Romance began teasing their reunion. However, this is a common name for many churches around the world so its unknown if Way is hinting at this particular location.

"But after the reunion, the UK(Milton) was the first place to get something big(An Offering), and now there 'just happens' to be a church with the same name of the statue that Gee posted today? Really weird," Reddit user @TheDwarvesCarst says.

A discovery about Gerard's new post. from r/MyChemicalRomance

Another fan also noticed that Way posted the exact same statue on his Instagram back in July 2019.

I never post here, but I recognized that stature Gerard posted so I looked through his insta and found this. It looks very similar if not the same. from r/MyChemicalRomance

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Since we are nearing the one-year anniversary of their reunion show as well as the 10th anniversary of Danger Days, fans think that this cryptic Instagram has a deeper meaning. Some believe that new My Chemical Romance music could be on the way.

Since coronavirus has forced the delay of MCR's remaining reunion shows, fans think this change in events may have pushed back the release of a potential album.

"I think the possibility of a new album has just sky rocketed, I say this because it’s still unclear if large shows and tours will be able to take place still in 2021. Not trying to doom post just the facts that the US infections are sky rocketing again and some places in Europe have had to lock down again. They might be deciding to go ahead and let out the new album by the end of the year," Reddit user @Sevren425 says.

Possible links from Gerard’s new post to MK shows... from r/MyChemicalRomance

Others within the My Chemical Romance fandom are just plain confused by Way's latest Instagram.

To quote Jack Skellington, "interesting reaction, but what does it mean????" from r/MyChemicalRomance

What do you think Gerard Way is teasing with his latest Instagram post? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.