Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt recently had a few blunt words to say over Tekashi 6ix9ine's recent request to serve the remainder of his jail sentence at home. Holt took to Instagram to vehemently express his feeling towards the jailed rapper. Holt is well known for displaying his feelings towards certain things he doesn't like.

Tekashi 6ix9ine received a plea deal when facing charges of racketeering and firearms. The deal shortened his sentence but due to the nature of a plea deal, put a target on his back.

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The rapper testified against members of the Nine Trey Gang. He was facing a minimum of 47 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to racketeering, conspiracy and many other charges. His cooperation helped him receive a shorter sentence.

“I knew I was going to become a target,” Tekashi 6ix9ine said in court. “I knew they were going to try and hurt me.”

Now, Tekashi 6ix9ine has requested to serve his jail sentence at home due to the increased risk of him being in a prison after his plea deal.

This is where Gary Holt draws the line. In a seething Instagram post, Holt lays into Tekashi and his actions, while also criticizing his supporters.

So this little rainbow brite asshole, this piece of shit, this SNITCH, wants out fo jail because it’s dangerous. Wants to serve his time at home. Because the jail is full of the same gangbangers who he snitched on to avoid real jail time. Hey know what dude? Fuck you. Watch your back punk, and be careful when you walk into dark hallways! For fucks sake, why do we help make guys like this money? By we I don’t mean me, or virtually anyone reading this! 

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Given the recent Imagine Dragons news regarding them taking the top three spots on Billboard's Top Rock Songs of the Decade, we assume Gary Holt is pretty steamed.

Just over a year ago, following an Imagine Dragons appearance at the College Football Championship, Holt spoke up with perhaps the bluntest words for the act who consistently nab rock accolades while taking flak for not being rock enough.

In fact, Holt’s reported anti-Dragon diatribe may have seemed so improper once viewed in the hindsight of morning’s harsh light that the guitarist decided to purge it altogether. Purportedly shared Monday night on his Instagram account, the following text from the alleged post is no longer available on the photo and video-sharing social media service.

But here’s what it reportedly said:

Just watched the college football half time show to see just how bad it really was. PLEASE no more calling this shittiest band on earth ‘rock’, they are simply the crappiest excuse for a band I’ve ever heard. Uggggh. Just awful. I don’t usually enjoy slagging musicians but they can’t really call themselves that. So fuck em!!

That’s according to Metalhead Zone and Loudwire, anyway. Both blogs embedded Holt’s Insta post now ghost. All the same, we’ll assume Imagine Dragons aren’t hurting for praise. They’ll probably just pick up another award and get on with it.

Gary Holt just finished Slayer's final show last month. So now he'll be back to focusing on Exodus.

Tell us what you think of Holt's post in the comments below!

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