All Corey Taylor has to do is type a four-word caption beneath an in-studio selfie to get the Slipknot news feed up and running full-steam. Because that's exactly what happened when the band's vocalist and longtime #8 ringleader took to Instagram yesterday with a shot of himself astride a towering mass of professional recording gear. See it below!

Taken in context, the photo certainly stokes excitement in us Maggots, no doubt. But what exactly is happening with Slipknot's timeline for their sixth studio album and long-awaited follow-up to 2014's .5: The Gray Chapter? Isn't it supposed to be out later this year? Hey, here at AP, we're all about that life. We will not celebrate mediocrity! So let's dig in.

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Guess what we’re doin...?

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As seen above, and as noted by MetalSucks, Taylor shared the studio shot on Tuesday. "Guess what we're doing...?" reads the Slipknot figurehead's accompanying text, the ellipses followed by a question mark seemingly indicating a shrouded anticipation in dispensing the image to all of his 1.3 million followers on the social media service.

And what they're doing (Slipknot's tagged in the photo, so it ain't no secret) is probably working on more material to go along with "All Out Life," the masked metalheads' recent steamer of a rock jam that foreshadows their upcoming effort.

After all, Taylor recently outlined the group's plans for tracking the album, putting it right out there that this month called for more Slipknot recording time. A summer 2019 release date was earlier bandied about by the musician, so we'll see how that pans out. (Summer's start is just five months away!) And, of course, sadly, in all of this, still no confirmation of that rumored Supreme x Slipknot streetwear collection.

Alas, what we have to go on right now is that the upcoming album has Slipknot's heaviest song to date, that Taylor shares "the most [he's] shared in years," that the new era will likely include new get-ups and masks, that Ross Robinson isn't producing it, that it might contain themes of "evil vs. good," and that Caesar was a "salad dressing dude." (Just kidding on that last one. If you're still reading, it's from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.)

Altogether, it makes for an exciting time for the veteran metal act who've been holding it down for heavy rock since their 1999 self-titled stunner. What a world, this horizon of new music that awaits our ears via the Slipknot crew. Beyond the contemporary taster of “All Out Life,” that is. As the song goes, “Old does not mean dead, new does not mean best.”

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