David Ayer is continuing to share behind-the-scenes Suicide Squad secrets. Over the past few months, the director has revealed various details including a Harley Quinn and Joker love triangle that almost happened, the meaning behind Joker's tattoos, an alternative Diablo storyline and more.

Now, Ayer is revealing that Joker almost had a completely different ending in Suicide Squad. This week, the director shared the script for the unreleased scene.

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Since its release in 2016, Suicide Squad has been at the center of controversy over Jared Leto's portrayal of Joker. After Suicide Squad was recut post-filming, many of Leto’s scenes were removed from the movie. This led to speculation that film executives were not impressed by Leto’s performance. Despite the scrutiny, Leto stated that he would love to reprise the role.

Following this, a Joker spinoff film starring Leto was rumored to be in the works in 2018. However, the film never got off the ground. Soon after, Todd Phillips‘ dark adaptation of Joker’s story starring Joaquin Phoenix was released. This led to a number of reports stating that Leto felt “alienated and upset” about Phillips’ film and felt he had been strung along by Warner Brothers Studios in regards to his role as Joker.

Then, back in April, Ayer revealed that the removal of Leto's scenes had nothing to do with his performance. In fact, much of his "magnificent work" still remains unseen.

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Now, Ayer is offering a glimpse into some of Leto's work that was eventually cut from the film. The director took to Twitter to share the script of an alternative Joker ending. The scene was shot and edited but did not make it into the film's final cut.

Ayer's tweet follows recent requests from fans for Ayer to release the delete Suicide Squad scenes. Zack Snyder announced that his cut of Justice League is on its way to HBO Max. Since the announcement, fans have been asking Ayer to release his own "Ayer Cut" of Suicide Squad. As of Monday, #ReleaseTheAyerCut is trending on social media.

Warner Bros. approving of an Ayer Cut might be a longshot. They’ve already begun work on The Suicide Squad with James Gunn as the director. 

But, if the Ayer Cut is put out, it means we could finally see all of the Joker footage that remains unreleased. As well, the Ayer Cut could potentially change opinions on Leto's portrayal in the film.

As for The Suicide Squad, we know that the forthcoming film is not a sequel, but a direct reboot. No official release date has been announced as of yet. However, the film is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2021.

What are your thoughts on the alternate Joker ending in Suicide Squad? Let us know in the comments below.