10 metal tribute bands you’ll be surprised exist

Metal has always been a ridiculous genre dating back to its beginnings. With the cheesy ways musicians dressed to their over-serious attitudes, there’s too much to keep track of. But there’s a ton of bands who take the hilarity to a whole other level. From tribute bands dedicated to Breaking Bad, McDonald’s or Star Wars, […]

Pokémon channels corgi-like cuteness in new 'Sword,' 'Shield' character

Earlier today during E3 2019 Nintendo Direct and Nintendo Treehouse Live, we learned more about the highly anticipated Pokémon Sword and Shield. From details on Dynamax Raids to the identity of a new gym leader, there was one reveal that stood out among fans a little more than all the rest. There’s a new good boy in […]

Game Boy restoration video is an old-school ASMR dream

There’s something about the nostalgia of a Game Boy Pocket that didn’t actually fit in your pocket, or the OG Game Boy from good ole 1989. While these bad boys didn’t have the protective casings we’ve been blessed with today, they still held up pretty well despite the endless amount of drops, cracks and dings […]

10 coolest Vans collabs you’ll wish you owned immediately

Don’t let the simple black-and-white checkered pattern fool you. Vans is more than just a catchy slogan or go-to brand for scenesters. Take a look at these amazing crossovers that show the best of Vans’ devotion to art and pop culture. Read more: SpongeBob Squarepants-inspired Nike collab is on the way 1. Marvel   Marvel and […]

Get Nintendo Switch Online free for a year, here’s how

Nintendo Switch owners who also subscribe to Twitch Prime can get an excellent deal on the console’s online service right now. The streaming giant is offering a completely free year of Nintendo Switch Online for free for anyone who’s currently subscribed to the premium service. Read More: Sex Pistols biopic “not endorsed” by band, Johnny Rotten […]

This metal 'Legend Of Zelda' cover is a true Triforce bop

Video game theme song covers tend to lend themselves to imaginative heavy metal renditions. (Hey, remember Nintendocore?) To wit, metalcore mainstays August Burns Red are turning The Legend Of Zelda‘s classic theme into a dynamic, guitar-fueled anthem you’d think could resurrect the entire Kingdom of Hyrule. Check it out below! The tune appears on the […]

Soulja Boy's video game consoles never had a chance

Soulja Boy might have a tough time finding “New Customers” in the gaming world after the rapper’s reportedly dubious video game consoles were recently pulled from his online storefront less than a month after their launch. Both the SouljaGame Console and SouljaGame Handheld—each identified as a cheap, rebranded emulator by Polygon earlier this month—are no […]

Nintendo patents case that makes your phone a Game Boy

Looks like Nintendo is planning a case that turns your phone into a working Game Boy, according to a patent found by Siliconera. Wanna rock some old-school video games on your smartphone with the look and feel of the classic handheld? Read more: Listen to twenty one pilots’ new album ‘Trench’ The patent, shown here, […]

It's Mar10 Day and Nintendo has a special update for Google Maps

[Photo by: Nintendo of America/Twitter] It's March 10, aka MAR10 Day, and Nintendo has a little something special in store for Google Maps users. Read more: Nintendo is bringing back Mario Kart—for mobile If you've opened your Google Maps app today on your phone, then you may have noticed Nintendo's signature question mark box along […]

A definitive 'Super Mario' encyclopedia is happening

Super Mario fans, it's time to get excited: The Nintendo game is getting its very own Super Mario Encyclopedia. Read more: Nintendo is bringing back Mario Kart—for mobile As Kotaku explains, Dark Horse Publishing is planning on covering three decades worth of the game's history in one offering. It's set to give an “exhaustive look at nearly every Super Mario game Nintendo’s […]

Nintendo Switch unveils cardboard accessories

[Photo by: Nintendo/YouTube] Nintendo Switch players are On April 20, Nintendo Switch owners will receive the option to customise their playing experience with a range of build-your-own cardboard devices. Announced today (January 18), the Labo set contains 25 sheets of cardboard that players can turn, IKEA-style, into playable objects – such as a miniature keyboard, a fishing rod, […]

Nintendo is releasing a Pikachu-themed 2DS, and it's a Pokémon fan must-have

[Photo by: Pokémon USA] Good news, Pokémon fans! Nintendo will be releasing an adorable, Pikachu-themed 2DS, and it'll be hitting shelves at the end of the month. Read more: This guy is auctioning off a Cheeto that looks like a Pokémon The new 2DS announcement coincides with the announcement of the release of Detective Pikachu, an adventure game […]

Is Zelda the boy or the princess in 'The Legend Of Zelda'?

[Photo by: Nintendo] I've got a question for you. Is Zelda the boy or the princess in Nintendo's The Legend Of Zelda video game series? If you (correctly) answered, “the princess,” oh boy, the internet would really like to have a word with you… #ZeldaIsTheBoy is actually trending on Twitter right now. Read more: Wait, […]

The 10 most anticipated video games of 2018

[Photos by: Monster Hunter: World, Red Dead Redemption II/Rockstar Games, Far Cry 5/Ubisoft]  2017 was a wonderful year for gaming fans. The initially hard-to-find Nintendo Switch has given us two franchise masterpieces in The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, among other new gems. We also got other platform fan […]

This Gameboy-inspired eyeshadow compact is a nerdy, nostalgic dream

[Photo by: espionage_cosmetics/Instagram] Gamer and beauty folks, there’s a product that’s actually made for you. That’s right: Espionage Cosmetics produce self-proclaimed “nerdy makeup,” and their new compacts are inspired by ‘90s Gameboy cartridges. Cool, right? Read more: Kat Von D announces launch date for Green Day “Basket Case” eyeliner Each compact includes an eyeshadow, which […]

Nintendo's Super Mario Cereal is coming to power up your breakfast

[Photo by: Nintendo] Get ready to start your day with a delicious level-up: Nintendo is releasing a limited edition Super Mario Cereal just in time for the holidays! The breakfast collab from the video game maker and Kellogg's rolls out Dec. 11. Read more: Everything is awesome in this Lego-themed restaurant According to a press […]

Nintendo announce new Super NES-themed 3DS XL

[Photo by: @amazongames/Twitter] In a surprise announcement that is sure to excited all those classic Nintendo lovers, Nintendo has announced a limited-edition 3DS XL in the style of the Super NES. Not to mention, it features a download code for Super Mario Kart. Read more: Here’s why Nintendo is the most punk video game company […]

Here's how you can compete in the Nintendo World Championships this year—UPDATED

UPDATE: September 27 at 6 p.m. EST And we have our finalists for the third installment of the Nintendo World Championships! Everyone's favorite video game company released a new video teasing the event that's less than two weeks away! In the video, Nintendo reveals that eight different guests have been invited to join the competitors, […]

Here's why Nintendo is the most punk video game company

When you think of punk rock, you probably don't immediately think of Nintendo—but maybe you should. Read more: There’s a secret game hidden in your Nintendo Switch, but you probably can’t play it The fine folks over at Mashable talked to video game developer Goichi Suda, who had this to say about working with Nintendo: “Nintendo have […]

There's a secret game hidden in your Nintendo Switch, but you probably can't play it

The Nintendo Switch is an awesome console capable of operating as both a handheld and a home entertainment system. It's got its share of cool little secrets, as such. But there's one particular secret that no one actually knew about until some particularly talented users stumbled upon it. As it turns out, according to Switch […]
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