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Nine Inch Nails, Run The Jewels and more set to headline Riot Fest 2021

The organizers of Riot Fest have announced that the festival is returning to Douglass Park in Chicago this fall. In typical Riot fashion, the lineup for Sept. 17, 18 and 19 is stacked. “We’ve missed you and we can’t wait to see you this year,” the festival organizers shared.  Headliners include alternative veterans Nine Inch […]

10 emerging Scottish bands who are innovating alternative music

Between the likes of Snow Patrol, Biffy Clyro and beyond, Scotland set some solid roots in the ’90s mainstream alternative explosion. Don’t mistake its prominence in the music scene as a thing of the past, though. The country has been churning out new powerhouse bands well into the modern era. Though relatively small compared to other alternative hubs such as the […]

QUIZ: Can you match the ultra-long 2000s song titles to the correct band?

Add this to the list of 2000s problems: song titles so long that your Myspace music player cut them off. Seriously, how could it disrespect your favorite tracks like that? Trivial frustrations aside, novel-length titles were a pretty defining characteristic of 2000s alternative music… Even if their general misalignment with actual lyrical content made them incredibly […]

10 diss tracks you won't believe these alternative artists actually released

Nothing grabs listeners’ attention like a good diss track. After all, it’s pretty much human nature to tap into any source of drama one can find. Eminem‘s been on a roll with the tactic. The rapper made headlines after taking a jab at Machine Gun Kelly on his 2018 album, Kamikaze. Now, on his latest record, he’s […]

Here’s how Liquid Death turned hate comments into a punk album

If you’ve ever been trolled online with hateful comments and reviews, chances are you didn’t handle it the same way Liquid Death Mountain Water did. Liquid Death is the most metal water brand you may ever come across. With branding featuring skull illustrations, death-metal script and taglines including “Death To Plastic” and “Murder Your Thirst,” […]

Here are the 20 bands keeping punk alive in 2020 and beyond

In 1981, British punk commandos the Exploited famously wrote  “Punk’s Not Dead.” It was a response to people persisting that the genre was bundled up tightly in Sid Vicious‘ coffin and buried. That was almost four decades ago. And every year, we’re still waiting for naysayers to drink their last pints of icy cold STFU […]

20 Virgos in the music scene celebrating their birthday season

It’s finally Virgo season! It’s time to celebrate some of the coolest Virgos, born from Aug. 23 to Sept. 22. Virgos are known for being organized, creative, efficient, independent and charitable. Virgos are earth signs, which means they are also grounded and well adjusted. In the music industry, it’s great to have a Virgo around […]

10 holiday concerts you can attend to ring in the new decade

This season is all about giving, and the bands we obsess over all year long often host holiday concerts during this time of year to give something back to their communities. While some such as Every Time I Die have made it a tradition for well over a decade, others such as August Burns Red […]

The Lawrence Arms on the friction and conflict that have given them an identity

For nearly 20 years, Brendan Kelly, Chris McCaughan and Neil Hennessy have been The Lawrence Arms — a power trio in the highest echelon of punk rock who have built a career on earnest four chord punk rock songs that celebrate both the scholar and the slacker in equal measure. In this APTV exclusive, Kelly and […]

Lawrence Arms update song about Warped after famously being banned from the tour

[Photo by: Ben Pier] The Lawrence Arms have shared their revamped song “Warped Summer Extravaganza (Turbo Excellent),” taken from their career-spanning album We Are The Champions Of The World.  Read more: Arby’s sends puppy, sandwiches to Nihilist Arby’s creator/punk rocker Brendan Kelly The song is a sped-up version of a bonus track from 2006's Oh! Calcutta!, “Warped Summer Extravaganza (Major Excellent).” As Noisey reports, the […]

The Lawrence Arms celebrate 19 years as a band with 29-song best-of album

[Photo by: Ben Pier] In honor of their 19 years as a band, the Lawrence Arms have announced a career-spanning album We Are The Champions Of The World, a 29-song best-of album that chronicles the band’s steady evolution over the past two decades, set to be released March 30. Read more: Arby’s sends puppy, sandwiches to Nihilist Arby’s creator/punk rocker Brendan Kelly […]

Riot Fest Oral History: The Misfits and Jawbreaker reunions we never thought we'd see

Over the past decade, Riot Fest has become one of the most beloved festivals in the world. They have reunited some of punk’s most iconic bands, and, in many ways, set the bar for how genuinely great a music festival can be. But when founder Mike Petryshyn started out in 2005, literally none of this […]

Riot Fest Oral History: Making music history—and overcoming dark times

Over the past decade, Riot Fest has become one of the most beloved festivals in the world. They have reunited some of punk’s most iconic bands, and, in many ways, set the bar for how genuinely great a music festival can be. But when founder Mike Petryshyn started out in 2005, literally none of this […]

Arby's sends puppy, sandwiches to Nihilist Arby's creator/punk rocker Brendan Kelly

[Photo credit: Instagram/Twitter] Fast food restaurant Arby's has reportedly made peace with Nihilist Arby's creator and longtime punk rock musician, Brendan Kelly, according to Business Insider. The chain even sent the prolific Twitter personality a puppy! Read more: 19 best Twitter beefs by Waterparks' Awsten Knight Twitter users may recall the ascent of popular troll […]

Bands are being transformed into Garbage Pail Kids in new Riot Fest trading cards

Next weekend is Chicago's Riot Fest, and appearing on their merch tables will be more than t-shirts and posters. This year, they scored a deal with Topps that allowed them to transform some of the bands in their lineup into Garbage Pail Kids, and also some other musicians that they just wanted to see in […]

Brendan Kelly/Sam Russo - Split The Tip EP

Brendan Kelly/Sam Russo Split The Tip EP More and more seasoned punk vets are dabbling in acoustic releases these days, and it makes sense: These guys aren't getting any younger, so it's natural to want to explore different musical avenues. When it's done with sincerity, the music can pack just as much of a punch […]

Video Premiere: Sundowner – “Life In Embers”

We’ve teamed up with the Lawrence Arms guitarist/vocalist Chris McCaughan bring you an exclusive video premiere from his solo project Sundowner. The song “Life In Embers” is taken from the latest Sundowner album, Neon Fiction, which was released last September as the project’s label debut for Fat Wreck Chords. The video for “Life In Embers” gives a pretty humble snapshot […]

The Lawrence Arms - Metropole

The Lawrence Arms Metropole The best punk rock matures with age; the best punk-rock bands accept growing up and resist the fight against it, using it to their advantage. The Lawrence Arms are doing just that on their sixth album. While the Chicago pop-punk band have always jumped back and forth between screamed, emotional punk (think the […]

The Lawrence Arms stream new album, 'Metropole'

The Lawrence Arms are preparing to release their new album, Metropole, on Jan. 28 via Epitaph Records. Pre-orders are on sale now. Listen to the album in its entirety on the A.V. Club or stream it below. Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

The Lawrence Arms announce new album, 'Metropole'

The Lawrence Arms have announced that they will release their new album Metropole January 28 via Epitaph Records. The album marks the band's first full-length release in eight years, following up 2008's Oh! Calcutta!. You can get an early taste of the album with the stream of its second track, “You Are Here,” below: Metropole tracklist: 01. Chilean District 02. […]
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