Finn Wolfhard's new band The Aubreys are back with a new video for "Smoke Bomb."

For the Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux directed video, the Stranger Things and It actor along with bandmate Malcolm Craig are recreating some iconic scenes from our favorite horror films.

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Last year, Wolfhard announced that his former band Calpurnia were breaking up. Shortly after, in November, his new band The Aubreys formed. The Aubreys have previously released various singles including "Getting Better (Otherwise)," from The Turning movie soundtrack.

More recently, in July, Wolfhard revealed that his Stranger Things co-star Joe Keery had a big influence on The Aubreys' new single "Smoke Bomb."

"We recorded that song ourselves in Logic in Malcolm’s basement," Wolfhard says on the track. "I played drums, Malcolm played bass and then I played guitar. This is the first track I’ve ever played drums on that’s being released."

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Eventually, "Smoke Bomb" landed in the hands of Keery and Adam Thein who mixed the final version of the single.

"Joe said, 'Hey, I’ve been trying to get better at mixing. If you ever have anything that you want me to mix, I’d love to hear it,'" Wolfhard continues. "So he works with a guy named Adam Thein. Adam and Joe just did incredible things with the song and came up with the demo talk. Joe was like, 'Hey, you guys, do this thing. Pretend like it’s a demo and we’ll add some tape stops.' So that was their idea. They did stuff with the sound of the song that we didn’t think was possible."

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Now, The Aubreys have officially unveiled "Smoke Bomb" along with an entertaining new video. For "Smoke Bomb," Wolfhard and Craig recreate some classic scenes from films including Jaws, Jurassic Park, The Exorcist, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Child's Play.

Fans can also see Wolfhard reenacting that iconic Jack Nicholson door scene from The Shining. As well, Craig takes on the role of Chucky and terrorizes citizens with the infamous butcher knife throughout the video.

As for future The Aubreys music, Wolfhard says they are doing things on their own accord. For now, they are enjoying the freedom the new music project offers and plan to enter the studio later this year to begin work on an LP.

“We’re just working our way up,” Wolfhard says. “We’re releasing music on our own accord. We’ll play DIY shows when we’re free. We’re working our way up to playing bigger shows if people will have us. At the end of the year, we’re planning on recording an LP. 2021 will be bigger for us. But we’re going to keep it real fun and light right now.”

The "Smoke Bomb" video is available to watch below.

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