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Zella Day turned her own abortion story into a reclamation song

On June 24, Zella Day dropped her pro-choice anthem “Radio Silence,” which publicized the intimate details of her own life-threatening pregnancy. But instead of relishing the moment, Day received news that the Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe V. Wade. Listen to the track and read the interview here.

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Halsey calls out fans who left during their abortion rights speech

From penning powerful poems about sexual assault to sharing personal stories about miscarriages, Halsey has always stood up for what’s right. Now they’re taking aim at fans who left during their abortion rights speech at the Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix. “You paid to see me use a stage as a form of expression in the manner that I choose,” they wrote on social media. “Sorry you lack the critical thinking to realize that the rhetorical power of music doesn’t always serve your escapism.”

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PRISM Collective is making a difference in Web3

GRL and Ren, the founders of PRISM Collective, are making Web3 feel like a space for everyone. Read how about their beginnings in Web3, the importance of Black and queer spaces in the metaverse and their experience starting a business focused on music and blockchain technology.

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Jackie Bieber is the secret behind blackbear and Dennis Rodman’s eccentric hair

Jackie Bieber, a 22-year-old hair artist, uses the human head as a canvas to hand-draw immaculate creations. From flowers that feel as vivid as ones plucked straight from a garden to black hearts and smiley faces, Bieber’s hair art has graced the heads of celebrities such as blackbear and Dennis Rodman. Get an insight into her process here.

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[Photo by Jackie Bieber]

These are the greatest punk bassists of all time

Punk possesses a number of bassists who provide a steady pulse, but the players who found ways to stand out became legendary. With our 20 greatest punk-rock bassists of all time list, they’re on full display. From Joy Division’s Peter Hook to Green Day’s Mike Dirnt, see who made the cut. 


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Rina Sawayama is making pop bangers for days

Sawayama season is just around the corner. “Catch Me In The Air” is another preview of her upcoming album, Hold The Girl, arriving Sept. 2 via Dirty Hit. Sawayama says her goal was to make the chorus “lift and soar like a bird.” See for yourself by listening to the new track.


A new Sudan Archives album is on the way

You read that correctly: Sudan Archives will release her second album, Natural Brown Prom Queen, later this year. To preview the new record, Archives shared “NBPQ (Topless),” which she says is "a song of redemption and freedom.” Listen to the track here as you head into the long weekend.

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[Photo by Ally Green]

Sam Tinnesz knows collaboration is key

Having worked with Dashboard Confessional and members of Paramore, Sam Tinnesz is versed in the magic of collaboration. Now he’s set to release his long-awaited new album, arriving this fall. Ahead of the release, he connected with Alternative Press to speak on how his journey is only beginning, which you can read here.

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Avril Lavigne recreates her classic Let Go album cover

This year, Avril Lavigne’s beloved debut record, Let Go, turns 20. To celebrate the anniversary, the March AP cover star participated in the “I’m Just A Kid” TikTok trend by recreating the 2002 album cover. You can check it out for yourself here, and why not grab a physical copy of the magazine too?


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Zulu are ushering in a new wave of hardcore

Zulu are leading the charge for the next wave of hardcore while also remaining open-minded and refusing to box themselves in. “What I love about Zulu is that everyone in the band is an amazing musician with different styles and genres,” vocalist Anaiah Lei says. “It seems limitless since we all have these skills, so why would I limit Zulu to just being a hardcore band? We can do anything.” Read the interview here.


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