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‘The Simpsons’ short before ‘Onward’ marks first non-Pixar created prelude

Following Disney‘s acquisition of Fox in March of 2019, the smash hit The Simpsons became an official Disney product. Now, they’re treating it as such. The newest Disney Pixar film Onward, will feature a Simpsons short-film before the movie.

Pixar is accustomed to airing a short film before its feature length-flicks, but this will be the first not created by in-house animators. 

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The Simpsons first aired in 1989 and over 30 years later, continues to be a massive hit. Aside from financially being a massive success, the animated show has oddly been able to predict future events and has spoofed everything from Stranger Things to Green Day

Previously, no streaming platform carried all seasons of the Simpsons. But with the introduction of Disney+, fans of the family could view everything anytime they wanted. However, fans have been pretty ticked regarding the ratio in which the platform streams it. The 16:9 format cuts out a lot of original visual jokes. 

Regardless, until now, barring one Simpsons promo for Disney+, Disney has yet to showcase it on the big screen. 

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Playdate With Destiny was officially announced on the Simpsons’ Instagram and will premiere exclusively in theaters before Onward.

By the look of the teaser image, it seems youngest daughter Maggie will be heading abroad in what appears to be a picturesque Mediterranean town complete with the architecture of beautiful Santorini, or more specifically for Overwatch fans, Ilios. Check out the image below. 


Disney Pixar’s Onward is set to hit theaters March 6. According to Disney’s website, the movie is “Set in a suburban fantasy world, Disney and Pixar’s Onward introduces two teenage elf brothers who embark on an extraordinary quest to discover if there is still a little magic left out there.”

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Based on the trailer, the two are gifted a special staff on Tom Holland’s character’s birthday. Their late-father left instructions for their mother to save the staff for this moment when they learn that, after summoning a spell, they can resurrect their father for 24 hours. That would be the first time Holland’s character gets to see him in his life.

When they try to summon their dad, he’s only brought back as a pair of legs. They embark on a quest to bring the rest of him back while keeping their secret. So, essentially the film is one part family-friendly fun, one part metal and one part Weekend At Bernie’s.

The film also features a metal-inspired Chris Pratt and will introduces Pixar’s first lesbian character. As stated, Onward hits theaters on March 6 and is the only way to view The Simpson’s short film Playdate With Destiny.

Are you excited more excited Disney’s Onward or The Simpsons short film? Sound off in the comments below!

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